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Technical Review

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No.85 Special issue on “Automotive Products and Electric Module Products”

All Pages (PDF: 12.8MB)
Cover (PDF: 1.0MB)
Contents (PDF: 738KB)
[Preface] A message for the special topic of “Automotive Products and Electric Module Products” (PDF: 734KB)
[Contribution] Issues on Electrification and Autonomous Driving for Automobiles (PDF: 1.6MB)
[Perspective] NTN Approach toward the Electrification and Autonomous Driving (PDF: 1.0MB)
[New Product] Development of Electric Motor, Actuator Series (PDF: 1.9MB)
[Technical Article] Hub Module with Motor and Generator Function (PDF: 1.4MB)
[Technical Paper] Influence of Vehicle Body Motion on the Effects of G-Vectoring Control (PDF: 1.4MB)
[Technical Article] History of Constant Velocity Joints (PDF: 414KB)
[Technical Article] History of Axle Unit Bearings for Automobile (PDF: 1.4MB)
[New Product] ULTAGE Tapered Roller Bearing for Automotive Application (PDF: 1.1MB)
[New Product] High Speed Rotation Ball Bearing for Pulley (PDF: 1.4MB)
[New Product] Ultra Low Friction Sealed Ball Bearing for Transmission (PDF: 1.4MB)
[New Product] Low Friction Hub Bearing (PDF: 1.1MB)
[New Product] Chain Tensioner for Motorcycle Engine (PDF: 1.5MB)
[New Product] Light Weight Drive Shaft for FR vehicle “R series” (PDF: 876KB)
[Technical Article] Effects of Lubricant on Hydrogen-Related Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Improvement (PDF: 1.2MB)
[Technical Article] Relationship between Cage Stress and Degree of Freedom of Motion in Dynamic Analysis for Needle Roller Bearings (PDF: 1.5MB)
[New Product] Proposal of Low Fuel Consumption and High Functionality of Composite Material Products for Automobile (PDF: 1.4MB)
Award Winning Products (PDF: 343KB)
Our Line of New Products (PDF: 995KB)

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