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Technical Review

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No.89 Special Issue on “Strengthening the Services and Solutions Business and Responding to the Shift to EVs and Automotive Electrification”

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Contents (PDF: 1MB)
[Preface] Special Issue “Strengthening the Services and Solutions Business and Responding to the Shift to EVs and Automotive Electrification.” (PDF: 1MB)
[Contribution] The Current Situation of Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Machine Systems (PDF: 1MB)

Service and Solution Related Technologies

[Prospects] Efforts for Service & Solution Business in NTN (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Development of Remaining Useful Life Prediction Technology for Rolling Bearings Under Flaking Progression (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Development of Sensor Integrated Bearing “Talking Bearings™” (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Development of Multi Track Magnetic Encoder Integrated Rolling Bearing (PDF: 1MB)
[Prospects] Development of Sensor Integrated Bearing Unit for Machine Tool Spindles (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products] Bearing Diagnostic Edge Application for Industrial IoT Platforms (PDF: 1MB)

EV and Electrification-Ready Technologies

[Prospects] NTN's Activities for the Electric Vehicle and Electrification of Automobiles (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Introduction of Rolling Bearings for Electric Drives Corresponding of Automobiles (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Evolution of Fixed Constant Velocity Joint that Contributes to Environmental Protection (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products] Introduction of Composite Material Products Used in Electrical Auxiliaries for Automobile (PDF: 1MB)

Evaluation and Analysis Techniques

[Paper] A Life Estimation Method of Peeling in Rolling Bearings Under Mixed Lubrication Conditions (PDF: 1MB)
[Commentary] Development of Technical Calculation Systems for Rolling Bearings (PDF: 1MB)

New Product Introduction

[New Technology] Development of Feeder “TRINITTE” for Picking Robots (PDF: 1MB)
[New Technology] Product Introduction of Compact Torque Diode (TDL8) (PDF: 1MB)
[New Technology] Application Examples of the Wrist Joint Module “i-WRIST™” (PDF: 1MB)

Award Winning Products

[Award Winning Products] (PDF: 1MB)

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