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Technical Review

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No.88 Special issue on “Industrial Machinery & Automotive Products, Fundamental Technology, New Business”

All Pages (PDF: 1MB)
Cover (PDF: 1MB)
Contents (PDF: 1MB)
[Preface]For Industrial Machinery/Automotive Products, Fundamental Technology, and New Business Areas (PDF: 1MB)
[Contribution]The Past and Present of AI and Prospects in Manufacture (PDF: 1MB)

Special Issue for Industrial Machinery Products

[Perspective]Rolling Bearing Development for the Future of Industrial Machinery (PDF: 1MB)
[Technical Article]New Products and Improved Reliability of Main Bearings for Wind Turbine Generators (PDF: 1MB)
[Technical Article]Product Development of Rolling Bearings for Railway Vehicles (PDF: 1MB)
[Technical Article]Approach to Development of Robotic Joint-Related Products (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Development of Sensor Integrated Bearing Unit for Machine Tool Spindles (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Development of a Low Contamination Generation Bearing for Servo Motors (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Introduction of Composite Material Products for Industrial Machinery (PDF: 1MB)

Special Issue for Automotive Products

[Future Development]Activities and Achievements for Automotive Market Trends CASE (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Small and Lightweight CVJ for Rear Sub-axles (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Hub Bearing Module with Steering Function for Rear Wheel (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Creepless Ball Bearing (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]Low Temperature Rise and Low Torque Tapered Roller Bearing (PDF: 1MB)

Special Issue for Fundamental Technology

[Technical Paper]Initiation Mechanism of Peeling in Rolling Bearings, and Its Life Estimation Method (PDF: 1MB)
[Technical Paper]Development of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Improve Defect Detection Accuracy for Rolling Bearings (PDF: 1MB)
[New Products]“ETFA” Bearings Strengthened by Fine Microstructure Design (PDF: 1MB)

Special Issue for New Business Areas

[Technical Article]Application Examples and Function Improvements of the Wrist Joint Module “i-WRIST™” (PDF: 1MB)
[Technical Article]Deployment and Improved Reliability of the Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbines (PDF: 1MB)

Award Winning Products

[Award Winning Products] (PDF: 1MB)

Our Line of New Product

[Our Line of New Product] (PDF: 1MB)

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