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NTN at a Glance

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NTN aims to realize a "NAMERAKA Society"

NTN is a precision machinery manufacturer that researches, develops, manufactures, and sells bearings and driveshafts (CVJs). In 2018, NTN celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Our main products, bearings are essential and precision components that support rotation of machinery. They are used in various types of machinery including automobiles, wind turbines, rolling stocks, and others to support the lives of people around the world.

NTN aims to contribute to solving social issues around the world and realize a "NAMERAKA Society" where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.

Eco-products supporting
all rotating parts to
reduce friction

Image: Bearing

Bearings, Let's Learn! Bearings,
Let's Learn!

Global network of more than 200 bases worldwide

NTN Group has 208 bases in 34 countries around the world. (116 sales bases, 71 manufacturing bases, 15 R&D bases, and 6 other bases as of the end of March 2022) The number of employees around the world exceeds more than 20,000 employees. We respond swiftly to the demands of customers around the world by cooperating between our global bases.

Ratio of overseas production
Ratio of overseas production: Approx. 50%
Ratio of employees overseas
Ratio of employees overseas:Approx. 60%
Ratio of overseas sales
Ratio of overseas sales:Approx. 70%
Net sales by region
Graph: Net sales by region

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Contribution fields


Large world shares in hub bearings and driveshafts essential to all type of automobiles

NTN has the world's top shares in hub bearings and driveshafts. They are essential not only for ICE vehicles that run on engines (internal combustion vehicles), but also for EVs that run on motors.

Figure: Large world shares in hub bearings and driveshafts essential to all type of automobiles

Hub bearing
Bearing that supports
the smooth rotation of tires.
World's No.1 share
Image: Hub bearing
"Low Friction Hub Bearing Ⅲ"
that reduces rotational friction by 62%
Products that transmit rotation
from engine and motor to tires.
World's No.2 share
Image: Driveshaft

Develop many products that meet needs of EVs

Response to electric control
from hydraulic

Electric Motors
and Actuator
Image: Electric Motors and Actuator

Response to needs of lightweight,
low vibration, low torque, and
high-speed rotation

High Speed Deep Groove
Ball Bearings for EVs and HEVs
Image: High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearings for EVs and HEVs

Industrial machinery

Contribute to stable operations of industrial machinery around the world with its exceptional technological competence

NTN provides bearings that meet the demands of various industries, such as long operating life and high speed. Bearings for industrial machinery cover a wide range of sizes from a few millimeters for electronic machinery to several meters for wind turbines.

Construction machinery
Image: Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Image: Agricultural machinery
Machine tools
Image: Machine tools
Electronic machinery
Image: Electronic machinery

Figure: Highly reliable with special use environment


From products to services to provide customers' assurance

In addition to products that are useful for the maintenance of bearings, NTN provides services that introduce how to handle bearings, thereby supporting the stable operations of customers' facilities.

Image: NTN Portable Vibroscope
Diagnose bearings easily by simply attaching to facilities "NTN Portable Vibroscope"
Provide analytical reporting services
Image: Technical service units
Visit customers with technical service units to lecture how to handle bearings
Image: Diagnose abnormalities in bearings remotely by using small cameras
Diagnose abnormalities in bearings remotely by using small cameras

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Social issues NTN solves

NTN endorsed the United Nations Global Compact and works to realize the SDGs.

Icon: SDGs

Realize carbon neutrality

While the reduction of CO2 emission is required globally, NTN contributes to development of renewable energy market through providing bearings for wind turbines and condition monitoring system (CMS) that monitors the operating status of these bearings, as well as green energy products that can generate electricity from renewable energy such as wind and solar light.

Icon: SDGs

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Respond to robotization

While robots are essential for labor saving at manufacturing sites and realization of smart cities, NTN offers products that contribute to the advancement of industrial robots, and module products for robots that replace manual labor with smooth movements like human wrists.

Icon: SDGs

Image: i-WRIST
Automate appearance inspection with Wrist Joint Module "i-WRIST™"
Image: Multi Track Magnetic Ring
"Multi Track Magnetic Ring" that contributes to detecting absolute angle of robot joint

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