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NTN at a Glance

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NTN is a precision equipment manufacturer that engages in R&D, production and sales of products such as bearings and driveshafts. We have one of the world's No. 1 market shares for bearings, a component used to reduce friction in various rotating parts of machinery. NTN produces hub bearings that have the world's No. 1 market share and driveshafts that have the world's No. 2 market share with the world's highest bearing technology.

NTN's products ensure the smooth operation of various machinery by providing high quality and reliability. They are used in a wide range of industries such as automobile, construction machinery, wind turbine, aerospace and rolling stock, and help make modern life possible for users around the world.

* “NAMERAKA” means “smooth ” in Japanese

Corporate Philosophy

We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products.
For New Technology Network
Networking The World With New Technology

  1. Creation of original technologies.
  2. Offering the technologies for additional values and service that are suitable for each customer and end user.
  3. Improvement of employees' standard of living, distribution of fair returns to stockholders, and contribution to society based on the steady growth of our business.
  4. Promotion of globalization, and formation of management systems / corporate organization which are essential for NTN, as an international leading company.

Major Products


Photo: Bearing

Eco-friendly product to support the rotation of many parts, reduce friction in machinery and eliminate wasted energy.

Hub bearing

Photo: Hub bearing

Support the smooth rotation of vehicle tires, an essential part for driving.


Photo: Driveshaft

Transmit engine power to the tires in a car.

Pursue tribology technology to make things “smooth”

  • Figure: Helps turn 100m diameter blades
  • Figure: Maintains precision at high temperatures of 200°C
  • Figure: Contributes to safety at speeds of 300km/h

Line of Business

Automotive Applications

Contribute to safety and comfort of automobiles through promotion of development of module products as well as adding high performance and high value to bearings for automobiles.

Figure: Automotive Applications

Industrial Machinery Applications

Bearings for industrial machinery meet the market needs of high precision and high speed, and support the lives of people around the world.

Figure: Industrial Machinery Applications

Aftermarket Applications

Provide a comprehensive bearing product lineup and speedy delivery system to meet various industrial machinery and automotive maintenance requirements, and help customers achieve reliable equipment operation. Technical service units visit customers around the world to provide them with technical services.

Figure: Aftermarket Applications

Net Sales by Business Sector

Graph: Business Sales Breakdown

Growth Strategy

"DRIVE NTN100" : Drive forward the transformation of business structure for the new 100 years
— DRIVE NTN Transformation for New 100 —

Long-term Vision

"Our Vision"
  1. A company where its corporate philosophy is understood by all employees around the world and where all employees think and act for themselves
  2. A company with original new products and services, appreciated for its high quality and functions, and has a global presence
  3. A company where everyone involved with NTN will be able to be proud of the "NTN" brand

Net sales to 1 trillion yen or more in FY2027!
Operating margin to 10% or more!

Figure: Basic Policies of Medium-term Management Plan "NTN 100" (April 2015 to fiscal year ending March 31, 2017)

Accelerating Initiatives in the Next 3 Years of "DRIVE NTN100"

Drive forward transformation:
Strengthen core technologies and products, develop businesses in new areas,
strengthen management bases that support our businesses
and further improve ef˜ciency in asset management

Figure: Accelerating Initiatives in the Next 3 Years of "DRIVE NTN100"


Net Sales

Graph: Net Sales

Operating Income / Operating Margin

Graph: Operating Income / Operating Margin

Net Sales by Region

Graph: Net Sales by Region

Stock Information (as of March 31, 2019)

Financial Institutions
Other Corporations
Foreign Owners
Securities Companies

Tokyo Stock Price Range

Graph: Tokyo Stock Price Range

Dividends (annual)

Graph: Dividends (annual)