Bearings,Let's Learn!

What is a bearing?

A bearing is a component that allows a shaft inside a machine rotate smoothly.

A bearing is made of three parts:the inner ring, balls, and the outer ring.

The outer ring is fixed to the machine and the shaft is fitted into the inner ring. The bearing stabilizes the shaft and makes it rotate smoothly.

  • * A partially cut bearing is used in the video, in order to make it easier to see movements inside a bearing.

Here come bearings!

Bearings are used in various places.
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  • 風力発電機
  • 飛行機
  • 電車
  • 自動車
風力発電機 2mを超えるベアリングが風力発電の羽根の回転を支えています。
飛行機 200℃もの高熱に耐えるベアリングが安全な運航に貢献しています。
電車 時速300kmで走る高速鉄道の走行も支えています。
自動車 1台に100個~150個もベアリングが使われています。

Role of bearings: minimize friction to nearly zero

The role of a bearing is to make the friction closer to zero, which allows the rotation to run smoothly.Friction is the force that prevents things from moving.In order to make automotive tires rotate smoothly, the friction should be reduced as much as possible.

If there were no bearings...

If there were no bearings in this world, shafts would not rotate smoothly and would have to rotate with a lot of friction, using a lot of energy to spin. It would cause us to burn more oil and coal which lead to global warming.A bearing is an eco-friendly component that can run machines with less energy.