Lots of "Wow!" "NTN Rotating School"

"NTN Rotating School" is an event where NTN employees as instructors
give classes on bearings of NTN's core products and the environment.

Both children and adults can enjoy learning about bearings that they are usually invisible.

NTN offers a lot of new discoveries. You may say "Wow!"

Programs of "NTN Rotating School"

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"What is bearing?" and "How do bearings work in the world?"
NTN employees, who has manufactured bearings over 100 years,
answer these questions. You can learn easily while enjoying this workshop.

Workshop (in Japanese)

(in Japanese)

Program 1Environmental issue and bearing

Introduce bearings that contribute to the environment, energy, and ecology are introduced with the theme of environmental issues.

Program 2World without bearing

What would happen if there were no bearings in the world? Tell stories about the world without bearing by pictures and puppets.

Program 3Bearing and SDGs

Learn that bearings are eco-friendly products and countries all over the world are committing to “SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals) for the earth. Let's think about what you can do for the global environment!

Bearing Assembly

Try to assemble a bearing by combining outer rings, inner rings, retainers, and balls.
Even if you see bearings for the first time, you can learn about the structure and mechanism of bearings.
It seems easy but it is acutually difficult. This is a popular program for not only children but also adults.

Bearing assembly (in Japanese)

(in Japanese)

Rotating Musical Instruments

Let's make your original melody and rhythm by combining a smoothy rotating turntable and metallophones.

Rotating Symphony

Among slightly different instruments, choose one you like and play a one-minute song with your friends! Even if you can't read a general music score, don't worry. Let's create your original music freely.

How to play Rotating Symphony

How to play Rotating Symphony 1

(1) Choose your favorite instrument!

How to play Rotating Symphony 2

(2) What does your instrument sound like?
Create a story by linking sounds of instruments to others!

How to play Rotating Symphony 3

(3) Describe the story created with everyone in a watch-like music score!

How to play Rotating Symphony 4

(4) Let's play together!
When the hand of clock points your instrument, play it.

Bicycle Speed Race

This is a bicycle game where you can challenge your maximum speed.
You can experience smooth pedal movement by riding on a racing bike with NTN precision bearings.

Nameraka Unicycle Experience

What would be happened when there are no bearings?
By comparing pedals with bearings and pedals without bearings,
you can experience how the rotational of pedals changes.

* “NAMERAKA” means “smooth” in Japanese

Hurricane Spinner

Make your original spinner by combining the bearing balls (steel balls).
Bearing balls are said to be closest to the sphere on the earth. How long can it spin?

Hurricane spinner (in Japanese)

(in Japanese)

Hand Spinner Disassembly

Hand spinner is a popluar toy to enjoy rotation by hand.
The secret of the hand spinner's smooth rotation lies in the bearings.
Disassemble the hand spinner to see how the bearings are used and why the hand spinner rotates smoothly.
You can also see how the rotational of the hand spinner changes when the bearings are cleaned.

Wind Turbine Craft

Wind turbines generate power by using wind. In fact,
NTN is also producing a slightly odd type of wind turbines.
Let's use paper cups and strings to make a model similar to that of NTN's wind turbine.

Wind turbine craft (in Japanese)

(in Japanese)

Rotating Wallposter

Try to make a wallpaper that gathers articles of your experience at "NTN Rotating School" as a reporter.
Let's put together the articles you have made and make a newspaper.

Rotating wallposter (in Japanese)

(in Japanese)