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NTN Green Power Station
(Previous Name: NTN Hybrid Street Light)

Useful Light for Emergency and Safety

Contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation. NTN Green Power Station


Photo: Solar and wind power generation

Photo: Wind power generation and LED illumination

No electrical construction or electricity expenses

The independent power supply requires no aboveground or underground wiring work, thus allowing for quick installation. Of course, no external power supply is needed!

Surprisingly quiet

Extremely quiet even with wind speeds over 5 m/s. Due to the winglet blades and high precision NTN bearings, it has superior in silence, allowing for installation in residential areas.

Figure: Winglets that keep wind and silence

Winglets with tips canted at a specific angle generate a great amount of energy, not allowing any wind escape. Uniquely shaped of blades makes very little acoustic noise as the winglets prevent eddies (turbulence) and separation of the air at the end tips of the blades.

Stable power generation
Plenty of electricity accumulation

Rotation is initiated with wind speeds as low as 1 m/s in any direction (360°), providing stable electricity generation. With a full battery charge, 5 days power supply for LED lighting is possible.

Figure: Cross-sectional shape of blade

As air flows along the blade surface smoothly, it reduces the resistance, resulting in highly efficient electric generation.

Tough for high wind

Brake is automatically applied at wind speeds of 12 m/s or higher. In accordance with the building standards act, safe performance is confirmed for a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 60 m/s.

Sophisticated design

It has a color tone and form that is in harmony with streets, parks, bus stops, schools, and advertisements.

Configuration and Specification


Figure: Configuration


Wind Turbine Rated Power Output 0.2kW
Rotor Diameter 0.8m
Blade Length 1.2m
Type Vertical axis
Brake Electric type
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s
(Maxi. instantaneous wind speed)
Solar Power Generator Rated Power Output 90W
LED Light Power Consumption 10W
Illuminance 900 lm
Appearance Design Options *

*Appearance, specifications might be changed without notice.

Usage Scenarios and Installation Advantages

Safety light in case of accident, casualty or disaster

Light provides safety, even when there is an earthquake or typhoon. NTN Green Power Station provides security to residents by illuminating safe areas through evacuation paths.

Independent type Green Power Station can provide light to protect the lives of residents in the area under black out by disaster.LED lights illuminate safe evacuation paths and areas, derived from green energy power by a combination of solar and wind during daytime and night time, in addition to the battery equipped.

Consistent performance with Hybrid

With power by wind and solar, LED lights are illuminated during night time by battery power.

Figure: Consistent performance with Hybrid

<Example installation>

Photo: Example installation

Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

Makoto Iwai, representative director of Iwai Corporation - "Central Corp Kamisu"

During installation of new apartment buildings, we examined the possibility of installing environmentally friendly facilities, and installed NTN's Green Power Station. Turbine blades indicate that the building uses green energy, and people passing by also take notice. Green Power Station can also provide a source of power even if there is a power outage during disasters, which provides peace of mind to local residents.

Photo: Case studies (Makoto Iwai, representative director of Iwai Corporation - "Central Corp Kamisu")

Kuwana City

We are honored that NTN Corporation donated two Green Power Stations in support of the "2016 Junior Summit in Mie" held in Kuwana City as the main venue. These street lights not only function as ordinary street lights, they also play a key role in activities promoting eco-friendly technologies as they use green energy in the form of wind and solar light.

Photo: Case studies (Kuwana City)

Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We installed these Green Power Stations in the parking area of a new plant that we constructed in the Shizuoka area. The street lights continue to light up streets with the power they generated, even if there is a blackout, which makes them useful after disasters and similar incidents. They are also stylish with their wind turbine complementing the solar panels, and we installed them as a symbol of our new plant.

Photo: Case studies (Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

Mie Prefecture

As part of support efforts for the Ise-Shima Summit held in Mie Prefecture, these street lights were donated to the Sun Arena in Mie Prefecture that operated as an information center for Japanese and international media outlets. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the design and other aspects match the facilities and they also look great as monuments.

Photo: Case studies (Mie Prefecture)

Available Options

The following options are also available.

  • Bench
  • Power for emergency
  • USB output
  • Security camera
  • Guide plate
  • Colored wing of turbine

Custom logo and/or paint is possible

Photo: Example of option

Example of option:
custom color for wing and bench around the pole

Inquiries:Green Energy Products Division Business Development Dept. 5-105 Hidamarinooka, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0867, Japan

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