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NTN Starts Demonstration Tests of the “Small Wind Turbine [10 kW]”April 7, 2017Press Release

* Sales of “Small Wind Turbine [10 kW]” and “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine” are no longer available.

[Contributes to achieving a low-carbon society utilizing high efficiency blade technology]

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has been developing “Small Sind Turbine [10 kW]” that uses high efficiency blade technology and on this occasion has started demonstration tests in Iwata Eco Park, located in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has excellent wind conditions throughout the year.

NTN's “Small Wind Turbine [10 kW]”adopts uniquely shaped vertical blades that enable high efficiency power generation and extremely silent operation. Almost no wind noise is generated even in strong winds due to the thickened blade shape and it has the feature of rotating by catching wind from any direction due to the adoption of vertical blades. Winglets installed on the tip of the blades minimize energy loss by preventing vortex turbulence, the cause of rotational resistance.

The current demonstration test will collect data related to operation control of the “Small Wind Turbine [10 kW].” The test will collect data including optimizing brake control conditions and control conditions for rotational speed with regards to wind speed as well as the durability of components for long periods of continuous operation. The results will be used to continue improving the reliability of the wind turbines.

NTN considers the “Development of Businesses in New Areas” as one of the major themes in “Management Growth,” the basic policy stated in the Medium-term Management Plan “NTN 100” and is engaged in the natural energy business that utilizes the technology and expertise NTN has developed with the past concerning bearings. On July 2016, NTN has released the “Hybrid Street Light*1” that uses the two natural energy sources of wind and solar light and plans to sell the “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine*2”that generates power simply by installing it on existing wall surfaces of existing irrigation channels.

NTN will contribute to achieving a “smooth society*3”as well as energy saving through the development of products that use natural energy.

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At completion ceremony at testing site held on 30th March

At completion ceremony at testing site held on 30th March
(from left) Chairman Kato of the Iwata City Council,
General Manager Ishikawa of NTN,
Vice President Inoue of NTN,
Iwata City Mayor Watanabe,
Senior Executive Officer Kagawa of Denro

Installed Small Wind Turbine [10 kW]

Installed Small Wind Turbine [10 kW]


(1) Proprietary blade shape Efficient power generation by preventing wind escaping
Extremely silent, as there is almost no wind noise generated, even in strong wind
(2) Vertical axis wind turbine Catches wind blowing from any direction


Power generation capacity 10kW
Rated wind speed 12m/s
Rotor diameter 6m
Blade length 7m
Total height 19.5m
Wind turbine type Vertical axis
Survival wind speed 60m/s


Winglets Winglets
Prevent vortex turbulence being generated at the wing tip,
for extremely silent operation.

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