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NTN Stakeholders

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Stance to Stakeholders/Main Activities

Stakeholders Stance to Stakeholders Main Activities


NTN Group respects diversity, individuality and a safe and healthy workplace environment where employees can work successfully.
  • “NTN PROUD AWARD” as ESG Corporate Award
    “NTN PROUD AWARD” is a system that encourages employees’ ESG activities and commends outstanding initiatives linked to 13 items of materiality responding to SDGs identified by the Group. The system aims to promote understanding and awareness of SDGs among employees and fosters their motivation and engagement.
  • Employee engagement survey
    Based on the survey result, we conduct activities to improve workplace issues, activate workplace communication and work to develop an environment in which each employee has a good reliable relationship with each other.
  • Global QC Circle Convention
    We strive to improve safety, quality, and productivity on a global basis, and with the convention as a forum for international exchange, we exchange information on a variety of activities.


NTN Group seeks to maximize customer satisfaction and trust by providing products and services of superior quality, safety and reliability.
  • Nationwide Distributors’ Meeting
    We invite distributors from across Japan to briefing sessions on account settlement overview and aftermarket business measures to strengthen our bond with distributors.
  • Technical service units
    We run completely-tailored, multi-functional technical service units worldwide, equipped with teaching materials and exhibits to introduce our products, and hold bearing technical seminars for our customers.
Business partners

Business partners

NTN Group, in a fair and free environment, builds good partnership with its business partners and works together for mutual growth and development.
  • Briefing for suppliers
    We share information on our globalization initiatives and the business environment surrounding our company with our business partners and have external lecturers deliver lectures targeting the business partners.
  • Promotion of CSR procurement
    Through CSR questionnaires based on the CSR Procurement Guidelines, we promote activities with our business partners to help them understand the importance of CSR procurement.
Local communities

Local communities

NTN Group respects cultures and customs in the local communities and builds long-term trust relationships by meeting their expectations through its business activities.
  • Activities that contribute to the local community (family tours, summer festivals, etc.)
    We hold family tours and summer festivals at each business site as an opportunity to interact with employees’ families and neighboring residents.
  • NTN Rotating School
    As an environmental education program for children who will lead the next generation, mobile-type schools have been opened in various places to deepen friendships with the local community.
  • Conservation of biodiversity
    In cooperation with local residents and NPOs, we are working to protect the environment of Satoyama (village forest) areas around our business sites and to protect endangered species.


NTN Group focuses on return for shareholders by sustainable profitable growth and builds long-term trust relationships with shareholders through active communications.
  • Shareholders' Meeting
    The Shareholders' Meeting is a forum for communication to build long-term relationships of trust with shareholders.
  • ESG briefing
    In addition to holding results briefings for investors, we also hold ESG briefings to promote understanding of our ESG initiatives. The opinions we receive at the briefings are used to strengthen our activities and information disclosure.


NTN Group harmonizes its business activities with nature and contributes to preserve the global environment by providing its technologies, products and services.
  • Reducing environmental impact in business activities
    We are working to minimize harmful environmental impacts by monitoring and reducing emissions of CO2 and regulated chemicals in our business activities.
  • Sustainable use of resources
    We are striving for sustainable resource utilization by reducing the use of resources such as raw materials and water, and by thoroughly implementing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) of waste.
  • Developing environment-contributing product
    We are contributing to the realization of a carbon-free society by developing products that help reduce energy loss in finished products and natural energy-related products.