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Relationship with Shareholders / Investors

Open General Meeting of Shareholders

The Company implements various measures to facilitate the exercise of voting rights, such as devising ways to make it easier for shareholders to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Early dispatch of notice of convocation of general meeting of shareholders

In principle, we send out the documents seven days earlier than the statutory deadline of “two weeks before the date of the event”, which is three weeks before the date of the event.

Posting of notice of General Meeting of Shareholders, etc. on the website

We strive for early disclosure of information by posting notices of convocation of the General Meeting of Shareholders on our website approximately one month prior to the date of the meeting. In addition, an English translation of the notice (summary) is also included for the convenience of non-Japanese shareholders.

Devices such as notice General Meeting of Shareholders

To help shareholders better understand the company, a list of candidates, their portraits, a skill matrix listing their main areas of experience, the percentage of attendance at Board of Directors, etc., and their years as Directors are included in the agenda for the election of Directors.

Consideration of the date of the General Meeting of Shareholders

In order to allow as many shareholders as possible to attend the meeting, the date of the meeting is decided in consideration of the relationship between the meeting and the financial results and audit schedule, avoiding so-called “concentration days”.

Exercise of voting rights via the Internet

Voting rights can be exercised in advance via the Internet in addition to postal mail. We also participate in the electronic voting platform operated by ICJ Inc. for institutional investors.

Communication with investors

Held ESG briefing session

On December 14, 2022, we held our fifth ESG presentation online. Thirty-four people, including analysts and institutional investors, attended the event and were briefed on the Company’s efforts to address ESG issues. In the presentation, we used the NTN Report 2022, the integrated report published last year, to provide a deep understanding of our ESG initiatives, including our contribution to a decarbonized society through our products, research and development to support ESG management, TCFD scenario analysis, and our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Director Komatsu, who chairs the Board of Directors, took the stage for the governance part of the event and engaged in a dialog from the perspective of a female Outside Director.

ESG meeting for Fiscal Year 2022

ESG meeting for Fiscal Year 2022

Disclosure Policy

One of our management policies is to communicate widely with society and disclose information proactively, while striving to develop the company and return profits to shareholders. In addition, we have established an information disclosure policy and comply with various laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the “Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Securities” established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. The Company discloses information in accordance with the “Fair Disclosure Rules,” respecting the “Corporate Governance Code.”
We also strive to proactively and fairly disclose information that we deem useful to investors, even if it does not fall under laws, regulations, or rules.

Management of material information

The Company will appropriately manage information subject to insider trading regulations and definitive financial information prior to announcement as material information. In the event that an executive or other employees of the Company is found to have communicated undisclosed material information to a business associate as defined in the Fair Disclosure Rules, the Company will promptly disclose such material information. In cases where the Company considers it inappropriate to disclose material information, the Company will take measures such as not disclosing such information until such time as the Company is able to disclose the information to the public, by having the related parties obligated to maintain confidentiality and not to trade or otherwise deal in the Company’s shares.

Status of inclusion in SRI/ESG indexes

We are recognized in the stock market as a company that proactively addresses ESG issues and are included in several Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)/ESG indices, and we will continue to proactively address and disclose information on ESG issues.

SRI/ESG indexes

Inclusion as of July 31, 2023