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Wakayama Works Begins Full-scale OperationOctober 27, 2023Press Release

  • Manufacturing high value-added products, such as products for EVs
  • Focusing on improving productivity as a practical plant for smart factory of NTN

Wakayama Works which NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) established in Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture has begun full-scale operation as a new plant for bearings. As one of our main plants for ball bearings in Japan, Wakayama Works will produce high value-added products to respond to demands for EVs (electric vehicles), which are expected to grow, and NTN will work to expand sales in aftermarket business by strengthening our supply capabilities.

At the completion ceremony held on October 12, we held a tape cut, attended by local stakeholders, including Mr. Hiroshi Shimo, Vice Governor of Wakayama Prefecture, and Mr. Tetsuro Hiraki, Mayor of Hashimoto City. Mr. Shimo said, “We expect relocation (to Hashimoto City, etc.) of the employees as well as of the related companies will have an economic impact on to the local community.” In addition to that, Eiichi Ukai, Representative Executive Officer, President of NTN, voiced his enthusiasm: “We will make Wakayama Works that contributes to the our future and to the local communities of Wakayama Prefecture and Hashimoto City as the model plant of NTN Group around the world.”

Wakayama Works has been nicknamed “NTN STAR WORKS WAKAYAMA” based on the concept of a smart factory that NTN aims for. Going forward, we will aim to realize “Streamlining,” “Autonomous,” and “High Response” at Wakayama Works as a practice model of smart factory. Currently, NTN has been working to improve production efficiency through labor saving and automation, such as “visualization” of various data such as inventory, automation of transportation between production process by automatic guided vehicles, and automation of production planning using data released from automatic warehousing.

In addition to that, as the eco-friendly plant, we are also actively working to reduce CO2 by adopting 100% of CO2 free electricity and electric heat treatment. We also use renewable energy generated from solar panels and wind turbines using “N3 N-CUBE” and “NTN Green Power Station” installed on Wakayama Works.

Through the operation of Wakayama Works, NTN will provide customers with high-quality products flexibly, and enhance NTN brand value. In addition, we will contribute to environmental protection and regional development.

* Press Release on April 4, 2018:
NTN Establishes “Wakayama Works (Tentative Name)” in Wakayama Prefecture for Production of Radial Bearings

Photo:Tape cut held in the completion ceremony (Second from left) Mayor Hiraki of Hashimoto City, Vice Governor Shimo of Wakayama Prefecture, President Ukai of NTN Tape cut held in the completion ceremony
(Second from left) Mayor Hiraki of Hashimoto City, Vice Governor Shimo of Wakayama Prefecture, President Ukai of NTN
Photo:Automatically transfer products between processes by automatic guided vehicles Automatically transfer products between
processes by automatic guided vehicles

Ideas behind the nickname “NTN STAR WORKS WAKAYAMA”

“STAR” of “NTN STAR WORKS WAKAYAMA,” Wakayama Works' nickname, include the concepts for the smart factory that NTN is aiming for as below.

“ST” “Streamlining”
In addition to reviewing the flow of goods at the plant, NTN also aims to streamline the entire supply chain.
“A” “Autonomous”
Through the automation and autonomy of operation which had previously been done by people, NTN will improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
“R” “High Response”
Respond quickly to rapidly changing market environment.
The word, “STAR”, also includes the idea of aiming to be the top (star) in our business field.

Wakayama Works overview

Name Wakayama Works, Industrial Business HQ., NTN Corporation
Completion of construction October 2019
Location Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture
Site area Approx. 109,100 m2
Total floor area Approx. 60,100 m2
Employees 383 (as of October 2023)
*Including 209 employees in Kawachinagano City
Line of business Manufacturing of bearings and bearing units
Photo:Outlook of Wakayama Works Outlook of Wakayama Works

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