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Practice Guide and Music Score of “Rotating Symphony” Released on NTN's WebsiteJuly 15, 2020Press Release

Enjoy Music workshop program of “NTN Rotating School” at your home and school

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) released the practice guide and music scores of NTN's original music workshop program, “Rotating Symphony” on the special content of “NTN Rotating School” on NTN's website.

“Rotating Symphony” is a program developed based on the Creating Music of “Clock Orchestra” created by music educator Shinko Kondo (Bunkyo University/Oakland University, Ph.D. of Music Education). Participants imagine what the musical instruments sound like and create a single story by connecting various sounds of instruments.

When playing, participants use a watch-type music score and a watch with a second hand. Illustrations of the musical instrument are drawn on the watch-type music score and the instruments are played at the timing when the second hand points to the illustrations. Even without specialized musical knowledge, everyone from children to adults can creating musical stories together.

This program was born in 2019 as one of programs of “NTN Rotating School,” NTN's social contribution activity toward the education for next generation of children. The program has been getting favorable reputations by a large number of visitors in various events including “Tour of Japan,” an international bicycle road race.

This time, NTN released a practice guide introducing preparations and how to play, three types of NTN's original music scores, and a plain music score to create their own music, so that anyone can enjoy the program at home or in school classes. NTN plans to update the content including such as music scores and new musical instruments.

Aiming at coexistence with local communities, NTN is focusing on contribution to local communities all over the world. NTN will continue to contribute to the education for next generation of children through “NTN Rotating School” where children can enjoy learning about the environment and energy saving.

* Practice guide and music scores are published only in Japanese and Japanese website.

* “NTN Rotating School” special content (in English):

Music score of “Rotating Symphony”

Music score of “Rotating Symphony”

Play one-minute song by playing musical instruments and speaking phrases when the second hand of the watch points at illustrations.

“Rotating Symphony” held at “NTN presents 2019 Tour of Japan”

“Rotating Symphony” held at
“NTN presents 2019 Tour of Japan”

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