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NTN Receives Award at “2018 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards”November 2, 2018Press Release

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) received an award at the “2018 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards” hosted by Nikkei Inc.

This award is given to commend outstanding achievements in technological developments, etc. that help to establish a sustainable global environment. Technology related to the “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine” has been highly acclaimed since this turbine is able to generate power locally for local consumption simply by being placed in existing water channels.

Award Name

2018 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards
Award for Excellence


Micro hydro turbine that converts the flow in a water channel

Product Overview

A major issue with conventional micro hydro turbines was that they incurred enormous costs since they required large-scale construction work to develop the water level difference. The “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine” has solved this issue.

NTN Micro Hydro Turbine NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

This product has the following features.

(1) Easy installation and low cost. Simply place in an existing water channel. No need for construction work to develop the water level difference
(2) Highly-efficient power generation that minimizes loss of water
(3) Increased output when installing more units, can freely arrange units in series or parallel
(4) Can be connected to the grid to sell power
(5) “Easy Lifter”*ensures easy operation and reduces maintenance cost
  • A mechanism that allows the turbine blades to temporarily be lifted out of the water flow.
    This design eliminates the need for cranes and other equipment used during regular inspections and it is used when water levels rise and are likely to have more flowing debris, etc.

Renewable energy has become increasingly important in recent years, and the technology behind the “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine” will greatly contribute to global environment preservation as it will allow communities to produce and consume energy locally using their everyday environments.

NTN will continue its efforts to improve the performance of this product and respond to market needs. NTN will also promote the local production and consumption of energy and aim to realize a low-carbon society by selling a wide variety of natural energy products.

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