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Annual Report (integrated reports)

The conventional Annual Report and CSR Report have been integrated into “NTN Report (integrated reports)” from Fiscal Year 2009, Ended March 31, 2010.


Full Page (PDF: 18,856KB)
About Us
About Us (PDF: 2,647KB)
Corporate Philosophy System (PDF: 434KB)
A Century in Business (PDF: 688KB)
Strengths Gained Through the Years (PDF: 472KB)
Revenue Structure, Main Products (PDF: 529KB)
Financial/Non-Financial Highlights (PDF: 129KB)
Our Business Model
Our Business Model (PDF: 8,500KB)
Value Creation Process (PDF: 728KB)
Value Creation in the Value Chain (PDF: 5,751KB)
Value Creation Risks and Opportunities (PDF: 364KB)
Our Vision/NTN in 10 Years (PDF: 185KB)
Management Review and Issues (PDF: 298KB)
New Medium-Term Management Plan “DRIVE NTN100” (PDF: 856KB)
Management Commitment (PDF: 683KB)
A Message From Derector in charge of Finance Headquarters (PDF: 147KB)
Business Strategies
Business Strategies (PDF: 1,495KB)
Special Feature 1:
Major Opportunities in Core Business Areas From Stricter Global Environmental Regulations and Changing Market Needs
(PDF: 460KB)
Special Feature 2:
New Areas with Proprietary Technologies Developed from Core Business
(PDF: 354KB)
Research & Development (PDF: 358KB)
Business Overview (PDF: 552KB)
Governance Strategies
Governance Strategies (PDF: 1,417KB)
Foundation Supporting NTN Business (PDF: 677KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF: 177KB)
Officer Profile (PDF: 464KB)
Outside Director Dialog (PDF: 281KB)
Internal Control/Risk Management (PDF: 143KB)
Compliance (PDF: 141KB)
CSR Management (PDF: 150KB)
Resource Strategies
Resource Strategies (PDF: 3,191KB)
Special Feature 3:
(PDF: 359KB)
Human Resources (PDF: 406KB)
Procurement (PDF: 321KB)
Production (PDF: 631KB)
Quality (PDF: 392KB)
Environment (PDF: 897KB)
Contribution to Local Communities (PDF: 662KB)
Enterprise Information
Consolidated Financial Indicators (Past 11 Years) (PDF: 103KB)
Non-Financial Data (PDF: 110KB)
Management Performance/Financial Analysis (PDF: 729KB)
Third-Party Opinion (PDF: 141KB)
Investor Information (PDF: 141KB)
Global Network (PDF: 730KB)

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