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Bearings for Special Environments

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Photo: Ball and Roller BearingsBall and Roller Bearings

Photo: Bearings for Clean EnvironmentBearings for Clean Environment

Bearings for Special Environments - Ultra Final Series

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Photo: Bearings for Special EnvironmentsBearings for Special Environments

Ultra Final Series Bearings for Clean Environment

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Plastic bearings

Photo: Plastic bearings

Bearings made of resin material for slippery surfaces or axes. Can be adopted for a wide range of fields and machine components due to light weight, lower cost, and versatility compared to metal. Generate less vibration and noise and have a lower slip friction coefficient due to light weight. Excellent plastic workability and electrical insulation when heated, water-resistant.

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Linear Motion Products

Photo: Linear Motion Products

Suitable for long stroke transport of both light and heavy objects. Stroke adjustable in units of one millimeter, multiple tables can be combined.