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Ultra-High Vacuum

In recent years, with the progress of technology, the environments and conditions in which bearings are used have become harsher and more diverse. Here we introduce a technique for vacuums, said to be the most difficult technique to perform.

The Issue

Solar panels, semiconductor making equipment and equipment used in outer space must operate in a vacuum state, but common bearings are not suitable for use in this kind of environment. This is because in a vacuum environment, there is almost no heat conduction, and if temperature limits are exceeded, the grease intended to serve as a lubricant evaporates and diffuses.

Solving the Problem with Supertechnology

Diagram: Solving the problem with supertechnology

We have achieved a bearing that uses an exclusive grease that does not easily evaporate or diffuse even in a vacuum, has a rolling surface treated with ion plating that uses the soft metals silver and lead, and has a surface treated by spattering with molybdenum disulfide.

In this way, the bearing became capable of rotating without problem in an ultra-high vacuum of 10-10 Pa.

Supertechnology Products

Bearings with Vacuum Grease

Bearings prelubricated for a vacuum environment

Ag Ion Plated Bearings

Ag ion plated bearings

Pb Ion Plated Bearings

Pb ion plated bearings

MoS2 Spattered Bearings

MoS2 spattered bearings