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Thrust ball bearings

Single-direction thrust ball bearings

Photo: Single-direction thrust ball bearings

These bearings have balls enclosed in a cage between the shaft raceway washer that corresponds to the inner ring, and the housing raceway washer that corresponds to the outer ring. They can bear only single-direction axial loads.

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Double-direction thrust angular contact thrust ball bearings

These can support axial loads in both directions, with high rigidity in the axial direction due to a large contact angle. Their structure is not suited to grease-lubricated vertical shafts.

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High-speed duplex angular contact ball bearings (for axial loads)

These are used in back-to-back duplex (DF) arrangement and can support only bi-directional axial loads. They are superior to double-direction thrust angular ball bearings in high-speed properties, with low axial rigidity.

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