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Deep groove ball bearings

Photo: Deep groove ball bearings

The most typical type of bearing, these are used in a wide range of fields. They include grease-enclosed sealed and shield bearings for ease of use.

Other types include bearings with a locating snap-ring to facilitate positioning when mounting the outer ring, expansion compensating bearings that absorb variations in bearing fitting surface dimensions due to housing temperature, and TAB bearings that are resistant to contamination in lubricating oil.

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Rubber molded bearings

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Integrated Rotation Sensor Bearings

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Bearings for Special Environments

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Plastic bearings

Photo: Plastic bearings

Bearings made of resin material for slippery surfaces or axes. Can be adopted for a wide range of fields and machine components due to light weight, lower cost, and versatility compared to metal. Generate less vibration and noise and have a lower slip friction coefficient due to light weight. Excellent plastic workability and electrical insulation when heated, water-resistant.

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Oil impregnated bearings

Photo: Oil impregnated bearings

Bearings with an oil-impregnated porous sintered body mainly composed of metal powder. Oil is impregnated into the pores of the bearing itself, resulting in efficient lubrication inside the bearing during operation.

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Photo: Clutches

Mechanical element that controls the transmission and interruption of rotational force. Includes the one-way clutch which only drives in one direction and is idle in the reverse direction, the two-way clutch which is capable of switchover between drive and idle modes in both directions, and the torque diode where the output shaft also rotates if the input shaft is rotated.

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