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NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

Generates Power by Simply
Placing Over Irrigation Channels!

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Figure: NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

Falling water needed for ordinary small-scale hydroelectric generators is not required, drastically reducing construction and installation costs.

Ordinary hydroelectric generators operate using the difference in water levels when dams are built across water channels, and extensive construction costs are required. NTN Micro Hydro Turbine requires no falling water and generates power by simply being placed over a water channel. Multiple units can also be installed in line or parallel to increase the amount of power generation.
Converting water in irrigation channels into energy –the NTN Micro Hydro Turbine is truly an innovation in green energy.

No falling water construction is required! Simply place over an irrigation channel

Typical small-scale hydroelectric generators

Figure: No falling water construction is required! Simply place over an irrigation channel

Easy installation to minimize cost and time

Drastically reduce installation costs

Installation of ordinary small-scale hydroelectric generators requires the building of a dam to store the energy of upstream water. This increases overall installation cost.
NTN Micro Hydro Turbines do not require major construction work and can drastically reduce installation costs.

Install almost

NTN Micro Hydro Turbines are designed with beam lengths to suit the width of the water channel and they can be installed almost anywhere. Simply place the turbine on the walls of any channel with enough depth and flow for power generation.

Figure: Install almost anywhere

Quick and easy installation

Installation can be completed in less than an hour with one mobile crane and three workers (including crane operator).

Photo: Quick and easy installation

High-efficiency power generation to harness the energy of water

Reduce energy loss

The proprietary fan-like blades harness the energy in water further away from the shaft center. The resultant torque turning the rotating shaft is increased and energy captured from the moving water is maximized. Blade tips use a proprietary shape called winglets that curve inward at a fixed ratio that limit energy loss caused by vortices at the tips and result in large amounts of energy generation.

Figure: Change in flow with winglets

Change in flow with winglets

Photo: Turbine blades

Turbine blades

High efficiency generation is confirmed through the field test

Power generation performance, the impact on the water channel, and maintenance characteristics were verified with a flow rate of 1.6 m/s capable of generating 500 W of power (900 mm blade diameter).

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Figure: Power output in demonstration test (example)

Power output in demonstration test (example)

Installation can be arranged in series and in parallel for optimum power generation

Power generation with installation in series

The proprietary blade shape limits blade tip vortices and interruptions of water flow. Multiple NTN Micro Hydro Turbines can be installed in the same water channel. Up to 10 units in series were installed in demonstration tests.
To increase the power output, parallel arrangement can be also possible to the channel width.

Installation in series in same water channel

Figure: Installation in series in same water channe

Parallel arrangement is also possible for wide channel

Figure: Parallel arrangement is also possible for wide channel

Environmentally friendly grease

The bearings in NTN Micro Hydro Turbines use grease for food machinery, for an environmentally friendly design.

Photo: Lubrication grease for food machinery

Lubrication grease for food machinery

Configuration and Specification

Turbine structure

The unit consists of a power generator, gearbox and turbine blades supported on beams.

Figure: Turbine structure

Blade diameter: 900 mm
Unit weight: 170 kg
Beams can be adjusted to width of water channel


Blade Diameter
Power Output
(with flow rate 2 m/s)
Water Channel
Flow Rate
600 0.4kW Width:
700mm or more
Water depth:
700mm or more
900 1.0kW Width:
1000mm or more
Water depth:
1000mm or more
1300 2.0kW


1400mm or more
Water depth:
1400mm or more


*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.

Usage Scenarios and Installation Advantages

Energy produced locally for local consumption with existing water channels

There is a vast number of agricultural irrigation channels installed in regions all around the world. Small rivers and streams, water and sewer services, as well as industrial water channels, are also a vast source of potential energy. Installation of the NTN Micro Hydro Turbine in regions with such resources can form part of a community-based power generation system where local irrigation channels and streams can be used to generate power for local energy needs.
This can also limit the amount of energy loss normally incurred during power transmission over long distances from remotely located power stations. NTN Micro Hydro Turbine is a form of energy produced locally for local consumption. It can help stimulate industry and economy in the local community as a reliable source of energy.

<Example installation>

Illust: Agricultural irrigation channels

Agricultural irrigation channels

Illust: Industrial water channels

Industrial water channels

Illust: Water and sewer services

Water and sewer services

*To match to channel width frame for power generator is individually designed.

<Example application>

Example application: Streetlights/Pump operation/Power supply for snow-melting facilities/Electric fences to avoid wild animals/Power supply for greenhouse lighting

Additional Options

Contact NTN for information on various additional options.

Photo: <Example> Filter screen

<Example> Filter screen

Inquiries:Green Energy Products Division Business Development Dept. 5-105 Hidamarinooka, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0867, Japan

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