Contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation NTN Green Power Station

A power outage is a major problem during disasters

During disasters, many people may suffer from power outage as they can not obtain electricity which is a basic necessity in our lives.

Without electricity, the area becomes dark, and anxiety arises as sufficient information about disasters, safety and evacuation cannot be obtained.

Figure: A power outage is a major problem during disasters

"NTN Green Power Station" reduces anxiety during power outages

The "NTN Green Power Station" generates electricity from natural energy of wind and solar, and supplies electricity even in the power failure area.

In addition to providing lights by LED lights, but it also includes an AC power supply and USB ports, so that it can play active roles as a power supply for information devices such as smartphones and radios.

Figure: "NTN Green Power Station" reduces anxiety during power outages

Double power of wind and solar

The batteries store electricity generated by two natural energy sources, wind power and solar power.

It generates power using wind power and solar light in the daytime and wind power generation in the nighttime. Stable power is supplied even in an emergency by unique shape of the blade that can generate electricity even in a weak wind.

Figure: Double power of wind and solar

Surprisingly quiet that can be installed in residential districts

Winglets at the tip of the wings suppress air turbulence and make very little acoustic noise.

Therefore, it can be installed in an evacuation site in an urban area or a residential district without impairing the comfort and safety of the residential environment due to acoustic noise.

Figure: Winglets that keep wind and silence

Useful for crime prevention and information transmission in daily life

Supply power to monitoring camera / For the safety of children and senior citizens
Information transmission
Supply power to the Wi-Fi / Ensuring stable internet connection for local residents and tourists
Capable of charging of smartphones, etc.

Figure: Wi-Fi/Monitoring camera

For raising awareness of disaster prevention

The "NTN Green Power Station," which harmonizes with urban landscapes and is easy to see in towns, helps residents to be aware of the fact that this road is an evacuation route in times of disaster.

Example of installation


Photo: Park

Ryuyo Fuji in Ryuyo Kaiyo Park (Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Public facility

Photo: Public facility

Roadside Station "Asobo-no-sato Kugino" (Asogun, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Event venue

Photo: Event venue

Mie Prefectural Sun Arena (Ise City, Mie Prefecture)

Parking lot of the factory

Photo: Parking lot of the factory

Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture)


Photo: School

Kumamoto Prefectural Toryo High School (Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Public facility

Photo: Public facility

Nagashima Disaster Prevention Community Center (Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture)

Commercial facility

Photo: Commercial facility

Natural Science Co., Ltd. (Shiraoigun, Hokkaido)

Case studies

In 2018, a typhoon hit Iwata City, and power outage was occurred in many places in the city. The “NTN Green Power Station,” donated to Iwata City, helped us provide a light without any problems. It is installed at the tsunami evacuation facility (Ryuyo Fuji) which is an evacuation site for citizens, and gives us a sense of security against disaster. Furthermore, the “NTN Green Power Station” is one of the welfare facilities in Iwata Next-generation Energy Park, and it is usually used as a place for environmental learning for elementary and junior high school students in the city. (Comment from Iwata City Hall)

During the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, our school sheltered a maximum of 2,000 evacuees as designated emergency evacuation area. As lifelines such as electricity, water, and gas were disrupted, evacuees were forced to live an anxious evacuation life. In February 2018, NTN donated two units of "NTN Green Power Stations" equipped with disaster prevention functions to our school. Currently, the LED lighting brightly illuminates the school road. We hope that the “NTN Green Power Station” will firmly support the local residents who evacuate to our school in the event of a disaster.(Comment from Toryo High School, Kumamoto Prefecture)

We have installed five units of “NTN Green Power Stations” in the city. One of the unit has been installed at the Nagashima Disaster Prevention Community Center which is a designated evacuation area in the event of a disaster. The light at night makes the location of the facility easier to understand. It makes it easier to find evacuation area and plays a role in providing evacuation guidance even in the event of a disaster. The unit is also available as a regional landmark.
For other units installed in the city, signboards are installed to indicate evacuation areas, which leads to improved awareness of disaster prevention and crime prevention among local residents and ensuring safety.(Comment from Kuwana City Hall)

A large-scale power failure occurred in the Hokkaido Earthquake in 2018, but the “NTN Green Power Station” secured emergency power supplies and helped to recharge staff smartphones and other equipment.
As we have also installed monitoring cameras on the units, the unit not only serves as a street light, but also provides a strong sense of security at night.(Natural Science Co., Ltd.)

Adopted for demonstration tests on crime and disaster prevention of Osaka University

The "NTN Green Power Station" has been adopted as a demonstration test machine for the "Joint Research for Creating Mechanisms Regarding Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Tourism through Use of IT" that Osaka University works through collaboration between industry, government, association and academia.
"NTN Green Power Station," that combines monitoring cameras and Wi-Fi communication device, is used to collect and send information on disasters, verify the safety of residents on a daily basis, and send tourism information.
In September 2017, the demonstration test machine using "NTN Green Power Station" was set up in the Suita Campus of Osaka University, and has been conducting demonstration tests on connections with "Disaster Relief Maps" (developed by Osaka University), which provide information on designated evacuation sites, and the operation of Wi-Fi and communication device.

Adopted for demonstration tests on crime and disaster prevention of Osaka University
Press release
NTN Participates in "Joint Research for Creating Mechanisms Regarding Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Tourism through Use of IT"
"NTN Hybrid Street Light" supplied for "independent power supply network Mimamori Robokun III"

"NTN Green Power Station" Features / Configuration / Specification


  • The independent power supply requires no electrical installation work or power costs
  • Surprisingly quiet suited to residential areas
  • High power generation and high-capacity battery
  • Safe design that withstands strong wind


Figure: Configuration


Wind Turbine Rated Power Output 0.2kW
Rotor Diameter 0.8m
Blade Length 1.2m
Type Vertical axis
Brake Electric type
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s
(Maxi. instantaneous wind speed)
Solar Power Generator Rated Power Output 90W
LED Light Power Consumption 10W
Illuminance 900 lm
Appearance Design Options *

*Appearance, specifications might be changed without notice.

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