Helpful in Emergencies
Power Source Solutions

Typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters have been occurred frequently in Japan.
When they occur, getting the electricity needed for daily life can be a major problem.

Power outages cause anxiety from darkness and a lack of information

Anxiety from darkness

Without electricity, nighttime lighting is lost and our surroundings become pitch black. Such darkness brings anxiety and makes it difficult to move around at night.

Anxiety from a lack of information

When a disaster strikes, people often cannot use the smartphones and other electronic devices to get information on what’s happening or to confirm if families and friends are safe. In addition to the darkness, such a lack of information makes them even more anxious. Long-term power outages in Japan following the 2018 Hokkaido Earthquake and Typhoon Faxai in 2019 led to long lines of people waiting to recharge their smartphones at emergency power generators.

Fifure:Power outages cause anxiety from darkness and a lack of information

NTN has developed power generators that utilize bearing technology

Power source solutions in emergencies

To quickly clear these anxieties, NTN supplies natural energy products that generate electricity from wind, water and solar light, thereby providing the power source solutions necessary in emergencies.

Fifure:Power source solutions in emergencies

Useful in daily life and emergencies

NTN Green Power Station

Permanent power generator useful also in daily life

"NTN Green Power Station" helps make communities safer for children and senior citizens by automatically switching on LED lights at night with stored electricity. It can also be helpful for crime prevention if installing security cameras.
Additionally, it can become a communications base through connection with Wi-Fi equipment.

Figure: Wi-Fi/Security camera

Double generation with wind and solar light

"NTN Green Power Station" stores electricity generated from two types of natural energy (wind and solar light) in a battery.
The generated electricity not only provides lightning by turning on LED lights but also powers smartphones, radios and other information devices through AC power and USB ports.

Figure: Double power of wind and solar

Superior quietness allowing installation in residential areas

Winglets on the blades’ ends practically eliminate wind noise by suppressing air turbulence.
Because they do not disrupt the comfort and safety of living environments, they can be installed at evacuation centers in urban areas and near residential areas.

Figure: Winglets that keep wind and silence

Effective in raising awareness of disaster prevention

"NTN Green Power Station" attains harmony with the urban landscape while standing out amongst the structures around it. Installing it serves as a daily reminder to residents that the road they usually use is also an evacuation route in times of disaster.

Example of installation



Ryuyo Fuji in Ryuyo Kaiyo Park
(Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Public facility

Photo:Public facility

Roadside Station "Asobo-no-sato Kugino"
(Asogun, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Event venue

Photo:Event venue

Mie Prefectural Sun Arena
(Ise City, Mie Prefecture)

Parking lot of the factory

Photo:Parking lot of the factory

Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd.
(Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture)



Kumamoto Prefectural Toryo High School
(Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Public facility

Photo:Public facility

Nagashima Disaster Prevention Community Center
(Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture)

Commercial facility

Photo:Commercial facility

Natural Science Co., Ltd.
(Shiraoigun, Hokkaido)

Case studies

In 2018, a typhoon hit Iwata City, and power outage was occurred in many places in the city. The “NTN Green Power Station,” donated to Iwata City, helped us provide a light without any problems. It is installed at the tsunami evacuation facility (Ryuyo Fuji) which is an evacuation site for citizens, and gives us a sense of security against disaster. Furthermore, the “NTN Green Power Station” is one of the welfare facilities in Iwata Next-generation Energy Park, and it is usually used as a place for environmental learning for elementary and junior high school students in the city. (Comment from Iwata City Hall)

During the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, our school sheltered a maximum of 2,000 evacuees as designated emergency evacuation area. As lifelines such as electricity, water, and gas were disrupted, evacuees were forced to live an anxious evacuation life. In February 2018, NTN donated two units of "NTN Green Power Stations" equipped with disaster prevention functions to our school. Currently, the LED lighting brightly illuminates the school road. We hope that the “NTN Green Power Station” will firmly support the local residents who evacuate to our school in the event of a disaster.(Comment from Toryo High School, Kumamoto Prefecture)

We have installed five units of “NTN Green Power Stations” in the city. One of the unit has been installed at the Nagashima Disaster Prevention Community Center which is a designated evacuation area in the event of a disaster. The light at night makes the location of the facility easier to understand. It makes it easier to find evacuation area and plays a role in providing evacuation guidance even in the event of a disaster. The unit is also available as a regional landmark.
For other units installed in the city, signboards are installed to indicate evacuation areas, which lead to improved awareness of disaster prevention and crime prevention among local residents and ensuring safety.(Comment from Kuwana City Hall)

A large-scale power failure occurred in the Hokkaido Earthquake in 2018, but the “NTN Green Power Station” secured emergency power supplies and helped to recharge staff's smartphones and other equipment.
As we have also installed monitoring cameras on the unit, the unit not only serves as a street light, but also provides a strong sense of security at night.(Natural Science Co., Ltd.)

Adopted for demonstration tests on crime and disaster prevention of Osaka University

"NTN Green Power Station" has been adopted as a demonstration test machine for the "Joint Research for Creating Mechanisms Regarding Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Tourism through Use of IT" that Osaka University works through collaboration between industry, government, association and academia. "NTN Green Power Station," that combines monitoring cameras and Wi-Fi communication device, is used to collect and send information on disasters, verify the safety of residents on a daily basis, and send tourism information. In September 2017, "NTN Green Power Station" was installed as the demonstration test unit in the Suita Campus of Osaka University, and has been conducting demonstration tests on connections with "Disaster Relief Maps" (developed by Osaka University), which provide information on designated evacuation sites, and the operation of Wi-Fi and communication device.

Adopted for demonstration tests on crime and disaster prevention of Osaka University
Press release
NTN Participates in "Joint Research for Creating Mechanisms Regarding Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Tourism through Use of IT"
["NTN Hybrid Street Light" supplied for "independent power supply network Mimamori Robokun III"]
To Build System for Reducing Disasters and Monitoring Using Renewable Energy and IT "Long Distance Wireless Transmission Experiments between Bases" Conducted
[Construction of network utilizing natural energy as a communication infrastructure at event of blackout or communication interruption due to disasters]


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