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Preparations before mounting

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Bearing Mounting Surfaces

Any burrs, cutting chips, rust or dirt should first be removed from the bearing mounting surfaces. Installation can then be simplified if the clean surfaces are lubricated with spindle oil.

Figure: Bearing Mounting Surfaces

Preparation Procedure

Figure: Preparation Procedure

Burrs, dirt, and other contaminants that infiltrate the bearing before and during mounting will cause noise and vibration during subsequent operation.

Figure: Preparation Procedure

Mounting Equipment

Ensure that all pressing blocks, driving plates, hammers and other mounting devices are clean, free of burrs, and of the correct size

Do not Unwrap Bearings until just prior to Mounting

Do not make any modifications to the products

Bearings are manufactured to very tight tolerances in order to meet extremely high accuracy requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to take special precautions with regard to their handling.