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Composite Material Products

Designed for light weight, compact size, low friction, low wear and use for special environments!
Molding and machining various materials with advanced technologies for proposing the optimum products.

The NTN Group uses a wide range of materials such as resins, sintered metals and magnetic materials, as well as advanced technologies such as fluid hydrodynamic technology for the development of units and module products consisting of sliding bearings, and electrical and machine parts, and markets them as composite material products.

In addition to using materials such as resins sintered metals and magnetic and fluid hydrodynamic technology by itself tribology and precision machining technologies are applied for their integration and composite use to create materials with new characteristics that meet market needs.

Composite material products can be custom-made to order, so feel free to contact us.

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BEAREE (plastic materials)

  • "Sliding material" combining engineering plastics and super engineering plastics with a special filler material
  • Low friction and low wear characteristics
  • Can be used in special environments (underwater and in chemical liquids)
  • Ideal as a metal substitute due to its light weight
  • Excellent flexibility of design with injection molding
  • Uses for sliding bearings and machine parts


   Please do not use BEAREE (plastic materials) product for any application directly contacting with food.
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Photo: BEAREE (plastic materials)


BEARPHITE (sintered metal)

  • Oil-impregnated sintered bearings with graphite for excellent lubrication
  • Porous metal structure for excellent lubricant retention and circulation
  • Stable lubrication for a longer life and excellent performance across a wider temperature range
  • Availability in a wide range of materials, including copper, steel and stainless steel
  • Availability in the various types of lubricants, from mineral-based lubricating oil to liquid grease
  • High density and high strength with development of molding technology and materials
  • Usage for sliding bearings and machine parts

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Photo: BEARPHITE (sintered metal)


BEARPHITE (sintered metal) - "Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE" using fluid hydrodynamic technology~

  • Hydrodynamic bearing with herringbone-shaped grooves located on the internal bore of sleeve type oil-impregnated sintered bearings
  • High-precision support without contacting with the shaft due to hydrodynamic effects
  • High rigidity and design that prevents eccentric motion with unbalanced loads
  • Excellent seizure resistance containing lubrication oil.
  • Thrust type can also be made

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Photo: BEARPHITE (sintered metal)

Photo: Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE (radial hydrodynamic grooves)Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE (radial hydrodynamic grooves)

Photo: Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE (thrust hydrodynamic grooves)Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE (thrust hydrodynamic grooves)


NIKAMET (magnetic materials)

  • Magnetic material that can be used with injection molding and compression molding
  • Soft amorphous-based magnetic materials and hard Nd-Fe-B isotropic magnetic materials
  • Ideal usage as sensors and reactors

Photo: NIKAMET (magnetic materials)