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ULTAGE series

ULTAGE series

The world's highest standard new generation of bearings with excellent long operating life, high-load capacity and high speed

"ULTAGE" (a name created from the combination of "ultimate," signifying refinement, and "stage," signifying NTN's intention that this series of products be employed in diverse applications) is the general name for NTN's new generation of bearings that are noted for their industry-leading performance.

ULTAGE series features

  • Longer service life
  • High-load capacity
  • Higher rotational speed

ULTAGE Spherical Roller Bearings [Type EA, Type EM]

Longer service life and higher rotational speed improve ease-of-use while contributing to more eco-friendly operation.

Figure: Up to five times longer service life/Up to 20% higher allowable speed

The ULTAGE Advantage [Type EA]

Longer Service Life

  • Larger rollers provide the industry's highest load capacity.
  • Extended maintenance intervals.
  • Lighter and more compact design.
  • Withstands operating temperatures up to 200°C.

Higher Rotational Speed

  • The industry's highest allowable rotational speed.
  • Simple window-type confi¬guration employs a pressed steel cage.
  • The back face of the cage provides a guide function that eliminates the guide ring.

Improved Ease-of-Use

  • Unique structure readily accepts lubricant.
  • Easy application of grease.

Figure: Explanation diagram of Type EA

POINT1  The industry's highest load capacity

These bearings have a significantly increased roller diameter and incorporate the maximum number of rollers, thus achieving both a high load capacity and a longer service life. Maintenance intervals can also be extended.

  • ①Basic dynamic load rating: up to 65% greater than the NTN conventional design
  • ②Basic dynamic load rating: up to 35% greater than the NTN conventional design
  • ③Service life: up to five times longer than the NTN conventional design
Roller diameter comparison

Figure: Roller diameter comparison

POINT2  The industry's highest allowable speed

The new pressed steel cage results in allowable bearing speeds up to 20% greater than NTN’s conventional design.

POINT3  Pressed steel cage provided as standard

The window-type pressed steel cage provides higher rigidity. Each roller pocket is provided with four tabs.

  • ①The guide system employs a back-to-back cage system.
  • ②Four tabs in each cage pocket stabilize the roller position.
  • ③The innovative cage pocket shape ensures a stable supply of lubricating oil or grease into the bearing.
  • ④A special surface treatment enhances wear resistance.
Details of pocket for window-type pressed steel cage

Figure: Details of pocket for window-type pressed steel cage

POINT4  Compact, lightweight design

The increased load capacity contributes to a lighter and more compact design.

Model No. Load rating (kN) Boundary dimensions
Bearing volume
Cr C0r
22220B 315 415 φ100×φ180×46 810 4.95
22218EA 385 398 φ90×φ160×40 550 3.28

Results in approximately a 30% reduction in volume ratio and mass ratio

POINT5  Improved ease-of-use

Adoption of a simple window-type pressed steel cage improves ease of assembly/disassembly and grease application.

  • ①Easier application of grease to the roller surface
  • ②Improved roller retention contributes to easier assembly/disassembly
Lubricating path

Figure: Lubricating path

About type EM

For applications that expose bearings to severe vibration and impact, we recommend Type EM bearings, which incorporate a high-tension brass cage machined from a single piece.
(Type EM differs from Type EA in the shape of the inner ring.)

Type EA

Figure: Type EA

Type EM

Figure: Type EM

Other ULTAGE series products

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