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Facilities are assumed to be run normally at all times, but actually it is not "normal." Periodically diagnosing and maintaining facilities enable the facilities to run normally. "NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE" can easily realize high precision measurement and analysis, contributing to the normal operation of facilities.

Product Overview

Diagnosis of bearing and facility status by just attaching to facilities
High precision measurement and analysis with simple operation

NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE is a device that can measure facility vibrations, and detect abnormalities and damaged positions of bearings. It can be used simply by attaching to the facilities with magnets, screws, etc. Vibration data can be analyzed and managed with Apple iOS smart devices installed the dedicated application.



PHOTO:Usage example

Usage example

Features and Usage Scenarios

PICT:Measurement / AnalysisMeasurement / Analysis

Search for the cause of "strange noise" to prevent unexpected situations

  • FFT* analysis enables identification of damaged areas of bearings
    Display inspection results by presetting the threshold
  • Acceleration/Velocity/displacement OA* can be measured (Peak and RMS values)
  • Approximately 5,500 product numbers of NTN products and other manufacturers' bearings can also be measured
  • *OA= "Over All," a method to calculate RMS values, peaks, etc. using the entire vibration waveform
  • *FFT= A method to analyze the frequency spectrum of the input vibration signal using "Fast Fourier Transform"

PHOTO:Measurement result image

Measurement result image

Usage Scenario (1)
Facilities with abnormal vibration or strange noise

NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE can be used just only by attaching to the facilities. Facility diagnosis can be performed easily and quickly.

ILLUST:Usage Scenario (1)

PICT:Operation / CommunicationOperation / Communication

Easily operate and analyze by using iPad or iPhone

  • Fast analysis by using iPad or iPhone with easy operation (approximately 7 seconds in standard mode)
  • High speed communication using Wi-Fi does not need any cables

PHOTO:Operation / Communication

Usage Scenario (2)
Facilities in hard-to-reach areas

Inspecting air blowers tends to be left at last, as it is located at high areas. It is also difficult to inspect facilities inside the safety covers. NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE can be wirelessly operated by iPad or iPhone, so that it is easy to inspect facilities that are difficult to access and measure.

ILLUST:Usage Scenario (2)

PICT:Data saveData Save

Measurement data can be transferred to PC as it is, so there is no trouble and no paperwork!

  • Measurement/analysis data is saved only in iPad and iPhone by registering measurement conditions
  • The data in iPad and iPhone can be managed on PC through iTunes
  • Trend data is available using measurement history

Dedicated application NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE can be downloaded from App Store for free.
Download of application can be performed from here.

PHOTO:Dedicated application "NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE" can be downloaded from App Store for free.

Usage Scenario (3)
Facilities hard to approach from sanitary perspective

Regarding to facilities such as food machinery, the frequency of approaching should be minimized from a sanitary perspective. NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE can measure without approaching such facilities. Moreover, the work of transferring the measurement results written on the paper to the PC can also be eliminated.

ILLUST:Usage Scenario (3)

PICT:Device SpecificationsDevice Specifications

Equipped with dustproof and waterproof capabilities
Suitable for harsh environments such as oil and dust, as well as water

  • Compatible with various peripheral environments with dustproof and waterproof capabilities* conforming to IP65
  • Weight is approximately 145g (5.1oz) (excluding magnets)
  • Compact design that integrates sensors, power supplies, and wireless functions
  • *With the USB connector lid closed
PHOTO:Device Specifications
Product number DAT-HV0002
Operable terminals Apple iPhone, iPad
Operating system iOS 12.0 or later
Interface Wireless LAN: Conforming to Wi-Fi
Measurement OA measurement, FFT analysis, time waveform measurement
Sampling frequency 2.56kHz/12.8kHz/25.6kHz
Frequency band Acceleration: 10Hz~10kHz
Velocity: 10Hz~1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz~150Hz
Maximum measurement acceleration 500m/s2
Environment resistant IP65
Power supply AAA battery×2
Size 41mm (W) x 36mm (D) x 87mm (H)
(1.61" (W) x 1.42" (D) x 3.43" (H))
Weight Approx. 145g (5.1oz)
(excluding magnet)
Operating temperature range +5 to +50℃ (41°F to 122°F)
(guaranteed only for supplied batteries)
Operating humidity  range 30~90% (no construction)
Accessory Curve corresponding magnet, USB cable, AAA battery×2

Usage Scenario (4)
In harsh environments and limited space

NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE has dustproof and waterproof capabilities, and is designed compactly in palm-size. It can be used in various situations, such as under environments with water, oil, dust, etc., or in areas with limited space.

ILLUST:Usage Scenario (4)

Technical Service

Lectures on how to use "NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE" through "NTN Aftermarket Academy"

NTN provides NTN Aftermarket Academy where you can acquire various knowledge on bearings from basic to advanced one through classroom lectures and actual practices. You can also acquire the methods of measuring mechanical vibrations and diagnosing abnormalities by using NTN PORTABLE VIBROSCOPE. For product purchasing and technical seminars, please feel free to contact your NTN distributor.

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