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Handy Type Failure Detection Device

The industry's first vibration measuring and analysis device for bearings with excellent portability

A bearing diagnosis device that makes it possible for bearing vibration data to be sent to a server over the internet for analysis using a mobile device such as a smartphone. The measured data and results of the analysis can be saved on the server. The analysis results can be displayed on the mobile device, which achieves an extremely compact and superior functionality.


Figure: Handy Type Failure Detection Device

This device consists of a vibration pickup and pocket size vibration measuring device sold by NTN in combination with a smartphone prepared by customers.
Customers install an app onto their smartphone and use an ID and password from the smartphone to send measurement data to the NTN server.

  • *1:The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. NTN Corporation uses these marks under license.


It is possible to carry the device and analyze even during maintenance and inspection

Conventional bearing diagnosis devices calculate and analyze measured vibration data within the device itself and output and display the results. This limits how compact and lightweight the device can be. The drawback of conventional devices is that they are too large to carry around alongside tools and documents for maintenance and inspection.
However, this device is configured to calculate and analyze vibration data at the server after it has been sent to the server using a smartphone. This provides an extremely compact system with excellent portability.

Uses unique bearing diagnosis and judgement

FFT analysis*2 is used to judge whether a bearing is normal or not. This is not just useful for daily equipment diagnosis but can also estimate the damage to bearings.

  • *2:A method to analyze input signals by acquiring the frequency spectrum using Fast Fourier Transform

Status monitoring is possible from remote devices

Since the measurement results are saved on a server, it is possible to browse measurement data at a computer located away from the device and also output the measurement results as data that can be used in spreadsheet software.

Calculation and analysis software is always updated with the latest operating environment

The data calculation and analysis software is upgraded all at once within the server. This allows device diagnosis to be performed using the latest software environment. The smartphone app is supported through Google Play™ ※3

  • *3:Google Play is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Device dimensions

Photo: Handy Type Failure Detection Device

Device dimensions

  • Vibration measuring device
    100 mm (length) x 60 mm (width) x
    20 mm (height)
  • Acceleration pickup
    (Excludes magnets)
    24 mm (outer diameter) x 50 mm (length)
  • Coiled cable
    Up to 1,500 mm (length)
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