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Countermeasures for Counterfeit Bearings

We are taking countermeasures for counterfeit bearings globally so that customers can use our products with confidence.

Introducing counterfeit prevention product labels and authentication application

From April 2017, we have been attaching new labels implemented with counterfeit prevention measures to the inner box of products.
In addition to this scheme to increase the difficulty to counterfeit our products, the customer can validate the authenticity of a product by reading the QR code* printed on a label using a dedicated app called "Authenti Bear".

  • *QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

Reliable new labels with 3 authenticity validation points

Check points on Labels

Figure: Reliable new labels with 3 authenticity validation points

POINT1  QR code for authentication application "Authenti Bear"

The "Authenti Bear" app shall aid in validating the authenticity of the bearing.

Figure: Authenti Bear

Result - valid

Display the NTN product part number registered with scanned QR code to verify the actual product and part number displayed on the app. (except some parts)

Distributor search function

NTN disclose the authorized distributor list and recommend purchasing from them.

Figure: Distributor search function

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • *Android and iPhone app have been available since May 2017.

POINT2  Outlined micro characters and Random micro characters

·White outlined NTN characters can be seen within the blue band.
·NTN micro characters which are illegible by naked eyes are arranged randomly.
These characters on genuine products are distinct and not blurred.

Figure: Outlined micro characters

Figure: Random micro characters

POINT3  Dual color characters

A hologram that is very difficult to counterfeit is used. When turning 90 degrees the label on genuine products, the colors interchange between white and black.

Figure: Dual color characters

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