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CEO Ukai is Appointed as Chairperson of the Japan Bearing Industry AssociationJuly 5, 2024Press Release

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) is pleased to announce that CEO of the Company Eiichi Ukai has been appointed Chairperson of the Japan Bearing Industry Association (hereafter, JBIA). The term of appointment will be from June 2024 to the association's general meeting in June 2026.

JBIA is an association of corporations that manufacture bearings (rolling bearings and related components). The association addresses various issues such as technical standardization, prevention of unauthorized products, environmental protection, and measures for small and medium sized enterprises throughout the industry.

As Chairperson of JBIA, he will continue to work for the sustainable development of the bearing industry as a whole.

The Japan Bearing Industry Association (JBIA)

It was established in July 1948 as the bearing association with the aim of contributing to the sound development of the bearing industry. After several reorganizations and name changes, it became the current Japan Bearing Industry Association in 2012. Currently, it is engaged in a variety of activities, including developing action plans for various social issues, organizing plant tours and lectures to strengthen corporate foundations and promote management efficiency, and providing support by collaborating with relevant government agencies and other organizations.

Profile of Chairperson of JBIA Ukai

Born in 1957 and joined NTN Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd. (today's NTN Corporation) in 1980. After joining the Company, he experienced in quality assurance and manufacturing departments, etc. at the production sites in Japan and overseas. He became Operating Officer in 2011, then Managing Operating Officer and General Manager of ASEAN, Oceania & West Asia Region in 2014. After that, he became a director in 2017, and has been in his current position since April 2021.

Photo:Chairperson of JBIA Ukai

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