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Notice regarding Organizational ChangeMarch 29, 2023Press Release

NTN Corporation (hereafter, the Company) announced the organizational changes effective April 1, 2023. The Company reorganizes its head office divisions to realize total optimization by strengthening NTN group management system and streamline operations by consolidating functions, and also reorganizes sales division of Industrial Business HQ. to strengthen and improve sales activities and governance.


1. Reorganize Head Office Divisions

(1) Flatten by abolishing headquarters
  • Abolish “Finance HQ.,” “Global Procurement HQ.,” and “Production HQ.”
(2) Slim down, consolidate functions, and improve efficiency by consolidating and reorganizing departments
  • Consolidate “Business Administration Dept.,” “Cost Planning Dept.,” and financing operation of “Accounting Dept.” of Finance HQ. and affiliated companies control operartion of “Corporate Strategy Dept.” to transfer those functions to the newly established “Financial Strategy Dept.”
  • Reorganize “Procurement/Logistics Dept.,” “Procurement Dept. No1,” and “Procurement Dept. No.2,” of Global Procurement HQ. to establish “Procurement Dept.” and “Logistics Administration Dept.”
  • “Information Technology Dept.” was renamed to “ICT Strategy Dept.”
(3) Establish “Carbon Neutrality Strategy Promotion Dept.”
  • Establish “Carbon Neutrality Strategy Promotion Dept.” to plan and promote strategies for achieving the Company's carbon neutral targets.
(4) Establish a new headquarters to strengthen group management functions
  • Establish “Group Management HQ.” to integrate and reorganize planning and promotion functions of the group strategy, and establish or relocate “Corporate Strategy Dept.,” “Financial Strategy Dept.,” “Human Resources Strategy Dept.,” “ESG Promotion Dept.,” and “Carbon Neutrality Strategy Promotion Dept.” in “Group Management HQ.”
  • Establish “SCM Strategy HQ.” to integrate and reorganize the value chain management function of the group business, and establish or relocate “Procurement Dept.,” “Logistics Administration Dept.,” “Trade Management Dept.,” “Production Strategy & Control Dept.,” “Production Reform Dept.,” and “Supply & Demand Control Dept.”

2. Reorganize Sales Division of Industrial Business HQ.

Close “Nishi-Kanto Sales Office” and transfer its function to the Tokyo Sales Office.

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