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NTN Established “NTN PROUD AWARD,”
as ESG Corporate Award
May 25, 2022Press Release

Encourage employees to participate in ESG activities to achieve medium-to long-term sustainable growth and solve social issues

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) established a new corporate award, “NTN PROUD AWARD,” to honor employees' ESG activities as part of ESG management aimed at achieving sustainable growth over the medium-to long-term. We will encourage the ESG activities of each employee and further promote efforts to solve social issues throughout the NTN Group.

The ESG corporate award “NTN PROUD AWARD” is for all NTN Group employees worldwide. The outstanding initiatives linked to our 13 materiality in SDGs are awarded in each of the following divisions: “E. Environment,” “S. Social,” and “G. Governance.” This award enhances employees' motivation and engagement by promoting their understanding and awareness of SDGs and encouraging ESG activities.

NTN is promoting ESG management for sustainable medium-to long-term growth by promoting development and supply of products and services that utilize bearing technologies for saving energy in order to resolve environmental and social issues. Also, the Company are working to ensure thorough compliance and strengthen governance.

NTN will continue to promote ESG management to improve the corporate value and aim to realize a “NAMERAKA Society” where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.


Applicants All NTN Group employees
Award presentation April as an annual basis
Divisions Following divisions (“E. Environment,” “S. Social,” and “G. Governance.”)


Divisions 13 materiality identified by NTN
E. Environment
  1. Reduce energy loss
  2. Realize a sustainable society using natural energy
  3. Respond to climate change
  4. Resource recycling and pollution prevention
S. Social
  1. Provide safety and comfort
  2. Improve the reliability of products and services
  3. Procurement activities with an emphasis on environment and society
  4. Respect for human rights
  5. Promote safety and health
  6. Human resource development
  7. Promote Diversity
G. Governance
  1. Thorough compliance
  2. Strengthen governance

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