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Notice of Candidates for DirectorsMay 21, 2020Press Release

At the Nominating Committee on May 15, NTN has decided to submit the following candidates for Directors to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

1. Candidates for Directors (plans to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders)

Director Hiroshi Ohkubo

(Representative Executive Officer, President, Executive Officer, CEO)

Director Hideaki Miyazawa

(Representative Executive Officer,
Senior Managing Executive Officer)

Director Eiichi Ukai

(Representative Executive Officer,
Managing Executive Officer)

Director Toshinori Shiratori (Managing Executive Officer)
Director Masaki Egami (Executive Officer, CTO)
Director Keiji Ohashi
Outside Director Noboru Tsuda (Outside Director)
Outside Director Kouji Kawahara (Outside Director)
Outside Director Ryo Kawakami (Outside Director)
Outside Director Tomonori Nishimura

(New Director,
former Executive Vice President of NEC Corporation,
Business Owner of NT Consul Biz.)

Outside Director Yuriya Komatsu,

(New Director,
Adviser of Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.,
Director, Member of board of DWANGO Co., Ltd.)

Note: Mr. Hironori Inoue, and both outside directors, Mr. Akira Wada and Mr. Tadao Kagono will resign after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Mr. Yoshinori Terasaka will remain as a Senior Managing Executive Officer.