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Certified as a Sports Yell Company in 2019December 26, 2019Press Release

Support for employees' health through in-house club activities and sports events

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has been evaluated by the Japan Sports Agency for its various sports-related measures for its employees, and certified as a Sports Yell Company in fiscal 2019, a company actively engaged in initiatives to promote the health of its employees.

In addition to supporting a number of in-house club activities, such as ski, snowboard, tennis, and futsal, we regularly hold sports events for employees, such as marathon and softball tournaments, at each of the plants in Japan. The Agency also recognized various initiatives to improve the health of our employees, improve the efficiency of our operations and make an exercise habit. These efforts included the daily exercises (radio exercises, etc.) in production divisions, and the promotion of stand-up meeting in back-office departments and these efforts led to this certification.

NTN regards the promotion of employees' health as an important element of management that affects the company's sustainable growth. We are promoting health management* based on the 3 pillars of “supporting health at workplace,” “supporting mental health,” and “improving physical health.” NTN will continue to create a comfortable working environment where each employee can fully demonstrate the ability through initiatives related to supports and aimed at improving employees' health.

* Health management is a registered trademark of the NPO Health Management Research Association

About Sports Yell Company

Sports Yell Company

Every year, the Japan Sports Agency certifies companies that are actively engaged in sporting activities to promote the health of their employees as Sports Yell Companies. The aim of this activity is to promote sports activities of the generation most productive in their lives while usually lacking exercise and foster social motivation for sports. This fiscal year, 531 companies were certified.

Examples of sports-related measures for NTN employees

Initiatives Details Starting year
Radio exercises Promote the radio exercises to employees in the production divisions do before their work for the purpose of improving their health 1956-
Support for exercise habits Establish gymnasiums, baseball and sports ground in each plant to make exercise habits 1973-
Hold sporting events Hold big sporting events at each business site, such as the marathon and softball tournament. Provide support for local marathon in local communities. 1978-
Support for in-house club activities Support numerous in-house club activities, including ski, snowboard, tennis, futsal, and trail running 1983-
Physical fitness measurement, Distribute Health News Hold physical fitness measurement in Kuwana Works. Distribute Health News monthly. 2013-
Promote stand-up meetings Set up standing tables as a part of work style reform to improve the efficiency of meetings and raise awareness of health 2019-

Examples of initiatives

ALL NTN futsal tournament

ALL NTN futsal tournament

Marathon at Kuwana Works

Marathon at Kuwana Works

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