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NTN Publishes Company History Book in Commemoration of the Company's 100th AnniversaryOctober 18, 2019Press Release

Introduce NTN's 100-year progress in the three part of history, technology and data

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) published “The History of NTN: 100 years,” a company history book summarizing NTN's 100-year history in commemoration of the Company's 100th anniversary in March 2018.

Since its founding in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture in 1918, NTN has grown together with Japanese industries until today. Before welcoming the 100th anniversary in 2018, NTN has overcome a number of changes and difficulties in the business situation: bombed main plant during the war, reconstruction after the war, and challenge to enter global markets under the drastically changing global situation.

The company history book consists of three parts: history, technology and data, enabling to introduce NTN's history from various perspectives. The history part reviews NTN's corporate activities with changes in the business situation including the economic and social situation of each era. The technology part introduces high value-added products developed with proprietary technologies for each industry. The data part introduces various corporate information with data and pictures.

By donating this company history book to our business partners and public facilities such as libraries and schools, NTN will utilize it for various stakeholders to deepen their understanding about NTN. The summarizing version in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and French) will also be published for the employees. Knowing its history helps the employees to gain a sense of loyalty and pride in the company and, understand the social significance of working at NTN, leading further growth in the future.

The History of NTN: 100 years The History of NTN: 100 years


A4 leaf with dedicated box, 465 pages in all color


Contents Item
History Part Chapter 1 A New World of Opportunity for Bearing
Chapter 2 Wartime Development
Chapter 3 From Ruins to Full-scale Reconstruction
Chapter 4 Expanding in Leaps and Bounds During a Period of Rapid Economic Growth
Chapter 5 Dawn of an Age of Uncertainty
Chapter 6 An Era of Change and Fluctuation in World Affairs
Chapter 7 Turning Adversity into Opportunity
Chapter 8 Looking to Next 100 Years
Technology Part Changes in the technologies and products
Industrial machinery
Precision Equipment, Green Energy Prodcuts, Plastic Products, Sintered Products, Magnetic Products
Data Part Current Articles of Incorporation, Successive Presidents, List of Board Members,Changes in the NTN Logo, Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Overview, Global Network, Corporate Data (Changes in the Capital, Employees, and Sales Highlights), List of Major Products, Communication Tools

* The company history book “The History of NTN: 100 years” is only in Japanese and is not for sale.

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