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NTN Attended Signing Ceremony with FSAT Corp.(China)as a Strategic PartnerMay 7, 2018Press Release

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) concluded the license contract* with Changchun Fawsn Auto Tech Co.,Ltd (hereafter, FSAT), a Chinese company of design and manufacturing of automobile in order to provide technical support for development and mass-production of the New Energy Vehicle (hereafter, NEV) which adopted NTN's In–Wheel Motor driving System(IWM driving system) and the vehicle motion control system(i2-Drive System). The signing ceremony was held on April 27 at Boyue Beijing Hotel among NTN, FSAT and other strategic partners.

During the ceremony, the representatives of NTN and FSAT as well as FSAT and other ten strategic partner companies signed the contract. FSAT President Yunbo Liu commented “The vehicle which we have developed achieved the advanced level in the technology such as weight saving and electric driving” and spoke his enthusiasm for mass-production of the NEV. NTN President Ohkubo commented “The mass-production of world's first EV which adopted IWM will be eventually realized” expressing his thought for the signing as strategic partner.

After the greetings, FSAT President Liu and NTN Director Umemoto who is the corporate general manager of EV module division singed the contract.

The NEV which adopted IWM driving system and the vehicle motion control system (i2-Drive System) developed by NTN will be mass-produced by FSAT in 2019. NTN will contribute to the development of low-carbon society as well as improvement of safety and ride comfort of automobiles through the development of original technology.

* NTN Concludes License Contract with FSAT Corp.(China) regarding In-Wheel Motor System
April 20, 2018 Press release

Greeting from NTN President Ohkubo Greeting from NTN President Ohkubo

FSAT President Yunbo Liu and NTN Director Umemoto shaking hands after signing FSAT President Yunbo Liu and
NTN Director Umemoto
shaking hands after signing


[About Lightweight NEV]

Lightweight NEV Lightweight NEV

Main Specification
Length×Width×Height(mm) 4600×1800×1500
Wheelbase(mm) 2630
Tread(mm) 1556/1506
Vehice Model Passenger car/5 door/5 sheet/3 box
Weight(kg) 1300
Drive motor In-wheel Motor(Front 2 wheels)
Maximum power output (kW) 35×2
Maximum torque output(N·m) 704×2
Drive battery Ternary litium battery
Battery energy (kWh) 50
Battery energy density (Wh/kg) 160
0-100 km/h time(s) 10
Maximum speed(km/h) 150
Electricity consumption(kWh/100km) 11
Crusing Distance(km) 450
Suspension McPherson/Torsion beam
Steering EPS(Electric assist steering)
Control EPB(Hill-start assisit/Auto parking)
Wheel 205/55 R17
Ative Safety ESC, DYC
Passive Safety 6 safety airbags/Pre-crash seat belt

[MacPherson Strut and IWM driving system]

MacPherson Strut and IWM driving system

[Structure of IWM driving system]

Structure of IWM driving system

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