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Reforming Personnel Systems to Address the Work Style ReformsMarch 30, 2018Press Release

A selection of working styles and use of a new system to create a lively workplace for everyone

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) will take the opportunity of its 100th anniversary in March this year to reform its personnel system with the aim of providing greater flexibility for an increasingly diverse sense of values and lifestyles. These reforms to the personnel system will be implemented with the aim of introducing a new system for employees and revising standards for promotional and evaluation standards, as well as encouraging female and senior employees to take on more active roles as part of efforts to expand the overall employee base.

While there are growing concerns in Japan that the decreasing birthrate and aging population will lead to a lack of workforce, there is a growing sense of diversity in values throughout society, and the government is focusing on “Work Style Reform.” More than ever, companies are required to and provide an environment where employees can select work styles based on each employee's values to fully utilize their skills. NTN is taking this opportunity to reform the personnel systems that it had in place to ensure that each employee can achieve a better work-life balance and to create a work environment where they can apply their skills in full. This will help to boost productivity and achieve sustainable growth for the next 100 years.

Overview of reforms to personnel systems

  • Introduction of new systems for employees
  • Multiple courses for advancing employees' careers will be developed in line with the company roles desired by non-management employees, to secure core personnel to achieve sustainable growth for the next 100 years.

    <New career courses>

    (1) G Course acquire the skills and knowledge in numerous departments, capable as core management personnel
    (2) R Course learn the skills and knowledge for a specific field to play an active role in the future
    (3) Advanced skills
    available to suit various work styles such as wages and work conditions (contract-based)
  • Revised promotional and evaluation standards
  • New requirements for promotions include NTN internal certification standards for acquiring business, product and technical skills, public qualifications and English competency. Greater clarification of the requirements for each level will provide motivation for employees and help boost productivity.

    Seniority-based factors have been eliminated as possible from evaluation standards. The standards have been revised for a greater emphasis on actual results. This will give employees greater motivation and encourage them to take on further challenges.

  • Encouraging more active roles for female employees
  • A new system of reduced working hours has been introduced for employees requiring time for childcare and nursing. A second intra-company daycare center “BEAR Kids Land Kuwana” is opening in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture as part of efforts to encourage female employees to take on more active roles in the workplace. Some NTN business sites are implementing trial telecommuting initiatives (up to 4 times/month) to develop an employment system that balances child-raising and nursing needs with work requirements.

  • Encouraging more active roles for senior employees
  • With the decreasing birthrate and aging population, the retirement age for certified executives has been increased by one year for all roles with an eye towards extending retirement age in the future. The salary system for reemployment after retirement for employees older than 60 years has also been revised with approximately 25% increase in annual salary, to encourage the key working senior age group to take more active roles.

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