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Commercialization of Natural Energy Related ProductsMarch 16, 2015Press Release

[Roll-out of the natural energy business utilizing innovative high-efficiency blade technology!]

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has entered into an exclusive license*1 for the exclusive use of patents and designs owned by Global Energy Co., Ltd. and Bellsion Co., Ltd (hereafter, Global Energy, etc.) that can efficiently utilize natural energy, including wind and hydroelectric power.

Fusing the innovative “blade” technology owned by Global Energy, etc. with technology related to bearings and products developed by NTN over many years will allow development of products such as compact wind turbines and micro hydro turbines, and generate new business in the natural energy industry as one type of growing market.

Blades that are widely used in wind turbines are generally designed with a thin blade cross-section and relatively light-weight to limit resistance when rotating and improve efficiency. The “Bellsion blade” developed by Global Energy, etc. features an original thick blade section and winglets*2 that completely redefines existing concepts and understanding. These unique innovations help to generate lift power without letting air escape, and is a highly efficient*3 structure that is effective not only the blade begins to rotate at low wind speed, but also avoids minimal slowdown when it reaches a set speed. Turbulence around the blade is also reduced when it is rotating, which means there is almost no noise generated when the blades move through the air.

NTN develops products that are capable of drastically increasing generation efficiency by combining the “Vertical Axis Bellsion Type Wind Turbine” of the Global Energy, etc. brand that has an excellent installation track record throughout Japan and overseas, with NTN's low torque rolling bearing technology and the power generation technology that has been fine-tuned with the development of magnetic materials by Nippon Kagaku Yakin of the NTN Group. In addition to “Vertical Axis Wind Turbines,” efforts will also focus on the development and commercialization of products including “Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines” and “Micro Hydro Turbines.”

By moving into business that is eco-friendly to the global environment in the field of natural energy which has tremendous growth predicted in the future, NTN will be able to achieve its corporate philosophy of “contributing to the international society through creating new technologies and developing new products” and also focus on developing new businesses in line with its bearing and driveshaft businesses.

NTN is exhibiting these products related to natural energy at the “BOSAI Industry Fair in Sendai” held at “Yume Messe Miyagi” from March 15 to 17.

*1)  An agreement where only parties with a license have the exclusive right to use the applicable product.
*2)  Small blades installed with the blade tips pointing vertically. The design prevents eddy currents from being generated along the blade edges.
*3)  The vertical axis Bellsion wind turbine achieved a power coefficient of approximately 0.35 in the index that represents power generation efficiency.

Applicable product

  • Compact wind turbines (vertical axis, horizontal axis)
  • Micro hydro turbines (horizontal axis)

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Main features of each device

—Innovative technology for high efficiency and silent running—

1. Vertical axis wind turbine

  • Larger blade area
  • No need for wind direction control
  • Winglets that retain wind
Vertical axis wind turbine

2. Horizontal axis wind turbine

  • Inversely tapered type blades with larger area
  • Winglets that retain wind
  • Rudder and Down-wind type that responds instantly to changes in wind direction
Horizontal axis wind turbine

3. Micro hydro turbine

  • Original blade section based on wind turbines
  • Inversely tapered type blades with larger area
  • Winglets that retain water
Micro hydro turbine


About Global Energy Co., Ltd.

Location 23 Shizuwa, Iwafune-machi, Tochigi-shi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Representative Masahiko Suzuki
Established January 2002
Capital 110 million yen
Business Details Research and development into fluid mechanics, including propellers capable of efficiently harnessing renewable energy