The Super-Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter

The Super-Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter was developed in anticipation of a demand for greater compactness and lower cost. It incorporates the superior performance of the Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter, which requires no hardening agents or other additives to solidify oil-based swarf into briquettes. At the same time, it achieves a 30% reduction in size and a 40% reduction in cost. Customers can now choose between the two sizes to meet their specific needs for installation area, treatment capacity and price. Sales by Unitop Corporation, an NTN affiliated company, are scheduled to commence in November 2002.

1. Advantages of Introducing the New Product (same as the Compact Swarf Briquetter)

1) Reduces cost through reuse of oil-based grinding coolant with a recovery ratio of over 90%.
2) Reduces amount of industrial waste by up to 80% in volume and 45% in weight.
3) Reduces industrial waste transportation and landfill costs.

2. Features

1) Requires 70% less space to install than the Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter (about 2m2 versus 3m2).
2) Does not use hardening agents or other additives for solidification (same as the Compact Swarf Briquetter).
3) Solidifies oil-based grinding swarf into briquettes, which is very difficult, and is also capable of solidifying water-based grinding swarf (same as the Compact Swarf Briquetter).

3. Treatment Capacity and Applications of Each Type

Type Treatment Capacity Application
Super-Compact 11tons/month Individual treatment (easily connected to grinding swarf filtration devices)
Compact 31tons/month Concentrated treatment, batch treatment

4. Dimensions and Weight

1) Dimensions: 1,900mm (W) x 1,030mm (D) x 1,502mm (H)
2) Weight: 1.2 tons

5. Sales Price: approximately ¥5 million (about 60% of the Compact Briquetter price)

6. Sales Target: ¥1 billion annually (after 3 years)

As a service to customers who purchase the Super-Compact Briquetter, Unitop Corporation will introduce sources that collect and recycle briquettes. Prior to commencement of sales, the new product will be exhibited at the 21st Japan International Machine Tool Fair (Tokyo Big Sight) held from October 28 to November 4, 2002.