Establishment of a Joint-Venture Company to Promote Recycling of Grinding Swarf

NTN Corp., Noritake Co., Ltd., and Nicotec Co., Ltd., have cooperated in the joint development of a “compact oil-based grinding coolant swarf solidification device” and have established a joint venture to manufacture and widely sell this device.

NTN Corp. has developed the technology for efficiently separating grinding oil from grinding swarf (cutting waste made up of fine metal particles and grinding coolant) and forming metal briquettes without using any hardening agents. The process separates out the grinding coolant for reuse by the purchasers of the device, and the briquettes formed from the recovered solids become a raw material asset for making new metal. In order to promote the use of this technology, NTN Corp., Noritake Co., Ltd., and Nicotec Co., Ltd., have jointly developed a “compact oil-based grinding coolant swarf solidification device” which is 1/3 smaller than similar devices already on the market. This equipment may also be used to successfully treat metal swarf separated from water-based grinding coolants.

There are also plans to initiate a recycling service which will introduce purchasers of the “compact oil-based grinding coolant swarf solidification device” to sources which will transport and recycle the metal briquettes. For the present, sales of this device will focus on domestic manufacturers who require processing of grinding swarf, but there are also plans for future sales overseas.

[Outline of Joint Venture]

1. Business: Manufacture and sales of compact oil-based grinding swarf solidification device
2. Name: Unitop Corporation
3. Capital: 50 million yen
4. Equity Participation Ratios:
NTN Este Co., Ltd.: 0% (NTN Este Co., Ltd. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of NTN.)
Noritake Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.:
  15% (Noritake Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Noritake Co., Ltd.)
Nicotec Co., Ltd. 5% (Nicotec Co., Ltd. is a 100% - owned subsidiary of the Amada Group.)
5. Date of Establishment: Beginning of May 2002 (planned)
6. Start of Sales: Middle of May 2002 (planned)
7. Base of Activity: Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture
8. Annual Business Forecast: 1 billion yen (after 5 years)


1. Superior performance

(A) 1/3 smaller size
(B) Requires no hardening agent or other additives for solidification.
(C) Makes briquettes of grinding swarf separated from oil-based coolants, which is more difficult to solidify, or also with grinding swarf from water-based coolants.

2. Merits of introducing this device

(A) Cost reduction through re-use of oil-based grinding coolant
  • Oil recovery ratio from swarf - 90% or higher
  • Cost saving: *100,000 yen /ton (NTN estimate)
(B) Reduction in volume of industrial waste for disposal
  • Reduction of up to 80% by volume and 45% by weight
(C) Reduction in industrial waste processing costs
  • Waste material transport and landfill costs reduced because of the reduction in weight and volume.

3. Sales price: Approximately 8 million yen