Organizational Reform for Greater Earning Power and High Speed Management

As customers' global business development gains more and more momentum, and in a market environment where swift responses to change are demanded, a sales structure that is completely integrated with the engineering divisions and that copes promptly with the trends and needs of both domestic and overseas customers is absolutely essential. Furthermore, an organization-wide development structure concerning core products, as well as promotion of growth in overall R&D capacity and mobility is urgently needed in the acceleration of product development contributing to future expansion. With precision equipment, NTN's third pillar after bearings and CVJs, we believe an engineering-led structure with integrated production, sales and engineering, that can flexibly respond to fluctuations in production and high-speed technological progress is inevitable. From this standpoint, we would like to announce the decision to conduct, as of 1st April, organizational reform based around: 1) a comprehensive integration and reorganization of the domestic and overseas sales and engineering divisions, 2) integration of R&D centers and 3) adoption of the division system for precision equipment.


Comprehensive Integration and Reorganization of Sales (domestic and overseas) and Engineering Divisions.


  • Strive for a greater market share and increased sales based on product strategy.
  • Strive for reinforcement of global sales strategies tailored to each business sector, including automotive, industrial machinery, and aftermarket.
  • Integrate the engineering division into the sales division thereby enabling us to respond rapidly to our customer's technical needs based on a firm grasp of the market.

<New Structure>

Integrate the Domestic Sales and Overseas Sales divisions to establish an 'Automotive Sales Headquarters' and an 'Industrial Sales Headquarters.' Integrate the engineering divisions relating to each product into each of the headquarters.

1) Automotive Sales Headquarters
  1. Establish a 'Global Account Manager (GAM).' Appoint GAMs with each customer group at a global level. The GAM coordinates Account Managers (AM) appointed to different countries and regions from a global perspective and is responsible for achieving sales and earnings targets.
  2. Establish an 'Automotive Planning and Marketing Department' responsible for the planning and implementation of global product and sales strategies aimed at automotive manufacturers.
  3. Integrate the 'Automotive Engineering Department' 'CVJ Engineering Department' and 'Needle Roller Bearing Engineering Department' into the headquarters to ensure timely development of core products such as CVJs, axle units and needle roller bearings, that fulfills customer needs.
2) Industrial Sales Headquarters
  1. Establish an 'Industrial Sales Planning Department' responsible for the planning and implementation of product and sales strategies aimed at the global industrial machinery market and the global aftermarket.
  2. Establish an 'Aftermarket Planning & Marketing Department' that unifies distributors and plans and promotes sales expansion policies for the domestic aftermarket.
  3. Establish an 'Overseas Sales Department' responsible for the planning and implementation of product and sales strategies aimed at customers in particular overseas regions, and an 'Overseas Administration Department' responsible for the planning and implementation of export policies and export-related business.
  4. Establish an 'Industrial Engineering Department' to ensure timely product development, mass-production and serialization, of products designed for industrial machinery and the aftermarket, that fulfills customer needs.


Integration of R&D Centers


  • Strive for an increase in the speed of product development contributing to the expansion and growth of future business.
  • Combine fundamental research, new product development and production engineering development organizations and strive to reinforce overall capacity and mobility in new product development.
  • Strive to increase personnel through an in-house staff recruitment system in order to speed up the development of core products such as CVJs, axle units and needle roller bearings.

<New Structure>

  1. Combine the original Bearing Engineering R&D Center, New Product Development R&D Center and Production Machinery R&D Center into one as the Research & Development Center.
  2. Establish a 'Planning and Administration Department' responsible for planning new product strategies, planning for the resolution of production engineering problems from the development stage until the start-up of mass-production, planning, promoting, and following up fundamental research to strengthen the product development and basic research, along with department-wide management-related business.
  3. Establish a 'Technical Research Department' responsible for research relating to the tribology and theoretical analysis of basic products, research relating to the development of new materials and surface reformation, as well as the creation of new technologies and the development of essential technologies for new product development.
  4. Establish a 'New Product Planning Department' responsible for the development of unique products and technologies that will become bestsellers in the future, as well as carrying out the development of next generation models of important products such as next generation CVJs and fourth-generation hub joints within a full-time project structure.
  5. Establish a 'Production Engineering Development Department' responsible for conducting the development of manufacturing technologies and application development of these technologies to mass production equipment.


Adoption of the Division System for Precision Equipment. (mechatronic products, parts feeder)


  • Establish the Precision Equipment Division to clarify business profitability while consistently accomplishing 'Product Development, Manufacture, Sales and After-Service' in order to flexibly respond to production fluctuation and high-speed technological advance in the semi-conductor, liquid crystal and electrical instruments industries, which are major sales targets for precision equipment products.
  • Aim for an engineering-led, fabless company.
  • Consolidate the 'After-service Division' and make it one of the pillars of company revenue.
  • Aim for sales expansion in overseas(Taiwan, Korea, South-East Asia) markets.

<New Structure>

  1. Establish a 'Precision Equipment Division.'
  2. Establish a 'Planning Department' responsible for the planning and promotion of business plans, sales management, managerial accounting and business related to general affairs.
  3. Establish a 'Product Development Department' responsible for the planning and the development of new products and existing products with new applications and patent-related business.
  4. Establish a 'Sales Engineering Department' responsible for collecting data on market needs, expanding sales, and collecting accounts receivable.
  5. Establish a 'Customer Service Department' responsible for quality assurance and after-service.
  6. Establish a 'Product Development Department' responsible for the design and manufacture of precision equipment as well as providing technical advice to suppliers.