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Development of “Compact Chain Tensioner for Low Fuel Consumption”
May 17, 2019New Products

Contribute to fuel efficiency by drastically reducing oil consumption

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed the “Compact Chain Tensioner for Low Fuel Consumption” as the hydraulic auto chain tensioner (hereafter, chain tensioner) which maintains the appropriate tension of the timing chain of an automotive engine application. The developed product contributes to downsizing of the chain tensioner by simplifying the structure and for improving the fuel efficiency of the engine by drastically reducing the amount of oil required to operate the chain tensioner.

The chain tensioner automatically maintain the appropriate tension of the timing chain which synchronizes and rotates the crankshaft and camshaft of an automotive engine. Hydraulic chain tensioners use oil supplied from an oil pump inside the engine to maintain chain tension. However, the customers have required to reduce the oil consumption in order to improve fuel efficiency since recent years. Also, the chain tensioner has a rush noise problem due to insufficient tension of chains. This is because the oil pumps and supply of oil stops at the engine stop, and insufficient supply of oil makes the insufficient tension at engine restart.

The newly developed “Compact Chain Tensioner for Low Fuel Consumption” has been designed to simplify the structure reduce the size and weight, and adopted the structure which stores the oil supplied and discharged from the inside. This enables the product to drastically reduce the amount of supplied oil needed while maintaining high reliability and durability compared to the conventional products. By reducing the amount of oil, the developed product can reduce the size of the oil pump, thereby reduce the load on the pump operation and contribute to improved fuel efficiency of the engine. In addition, with the structure which stores oil inside the tensioner, the developed product can maintain the tension of the chain with appropriate oil pressure immediately after the engine starts, and suppresses rush noise due to insufficient tension of the chain.

NTN will contribute to further low fuel consumption and improved ride comfort of automobiles by proposing this product to customers and expanding it globally.

NTN will exhibit this product at the “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama” which will be held from May 22 to May 24 in Pacifico Yokohama.


1. Low fuel consumption Contribute to downsizing of oil pumps and improved low fuel consumption by adopting a new oil storage structure to reduce oil consumption by 1/10 compared with the conventional products
2. Reduce the size and weight 18% reduction in the axial direction and 10% or more reduction in weight compared to conventional products
3. Suppress rush noise By storing oil inside the tensioner to maintain the tension from the time when engine starts, abnormal noise due to insufficient tension


Adjusting the tension of the timing chain for automobiles and motorcycles

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