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Development of Ultra High-angle and High-efficiency Fixed Constant Velocity Joint “CFJ-W”
May 23, 2018New Products

World's highest maximum operating angle capability of 55°

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed the fixed constant velocity joint “CFJ-W*1” with the world's highest maximum operating angle of 55°and high efficiency.

Fixed constant velocity joints used in the front driveshafts on the tire side of vehicles play an important role, as they move with an operating angle corresponding to the steering wheel while also transmitting power from the engine or motor to the tires. Constant velocity joints with a larger operating angle also increase the steering angle of the vehicle, which can contribute to a smaller minimum turning radius*2.

NTN started mass-production of the fixed constant velocity joint “VUJ” with a high maximum operating angle of 50° from 2012, to meet the needs of a broad range of vehicles from compact cars to SUVs.

As vehicles become diverse more and more, fixed constant velocity joints need to deliver a broader range of functionality, and the constant velocity joint with even larger maximum operating angles and higher efficiency are being required for SUV and 4WD models in particular that are increasing in popularity in recent years.

The newly developed “CFJ-W” is based on the “Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type Constant Velocity Joint (CFJ) that was announced in 2012 and features high-strength components and improved lubrication to realize the “high operating angle exceeding 50°” and “high-efficiency” required for the front driveshafts. NTN's proprietary spherical cross groove structure technology*3 has also been applied in order to achieve the “world's highest maximum operating angle 55°” and approximately 50% reduction in torque loss ratio compared to conventional products (VUJ)”.

NTN will propose the newly developed “CFJ-W” globally and release it in new markets, to help meet customer requirements such as smaller minimum turning radius and higher fuel efficiency of vehicles. NTN exhibits the developed product at the “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018” to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from May 23 to 25.

  1. Abbreviation of Cross groove Fixed Joint with Wide range operating angle
  2. Radius of the path taken by the outside tires when the steering wheel is turned as far as possible
  3. Structure where the spherical ball raceways grooves of inner ring and outer ring are inclined to the axial direction with each other.

Features (compared to conventional product “VUJ”)

1. Ultra high-angle maximum operating angle 55° (conventional product: 50°)
2. Higher efficiency approximately 50% reduction in torque loss ratio
3. Outer diameter, weight equivalent

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