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“New standard cam follower” Series achieving long life and low torque
July 8, 2010New Products

Attaining two times longer life compared to conventional specification (non re-regreaseable type)

Photo : “New standard cam follower”

NTN Corporation (hereafter NTN) has developed “New standard cam follower” achieving longer life and low torque.

Cam followers are widely used for guides in transfer equipment, machine tools, printing machines and presses. Conventionally, special design specifications were integrated to survive in severe applications conditions. By upgrading the performance of catalogue items, “New standard cam follower” has been made available as a series.

For this new series of products, longer life is ensured by applying crowning to the roller outside diameter surface to reduce edge loading* and a special heat treatment process.

In addition, new grease was developed to improve bearing life. The new grease has a wide range of operating temperatures, superior anti- wear properties and good low temperature performance (a 35% reduction in starting torque at -20°C was achieved).

NTN will implement these design characteristics in the current standard without an increase in selling price and are entitling them the “New standard cam follower”.

* Load generating harmful plastic deformations on contact surfaces between rolling elements (rollers) and raceways due to application misalignment and or supporting very large moment loads.

Available sizes

  • Caged type and full complement roller type cam followers with outer ring O.D. of 16 to 26 mm (Stud shaft diameter of 6 to 10mm).
    «NTN part number: KR(V) 16 to 26 series»


  1. Longer rolling fatigue life (more than two times of conventional products of non-regreasable type)
  2. The same mounting method and greasing method as current standard products (interchangeable with current design).
  3. Urea type high function grease is filled for non-regreasable specification.


Transfer equipment, machine tool, printing machine, press etc.

Sales launch

Current standard products will be changed over in series from July 2010.

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Wear test results

Graph: Micro motion wear test results

Figure: Micro motion wear test

Life test results

Graph: Life test results