Compact High-Angle Constant Velocity Steering Joint

To meet increasing customer needs in the automotive field, NTN has developed a high-angle (maximum operating angle = 48°) ball-type constant velocity steering joint (CSJ) that is both compact and lightweight. NTN's CSJ's are ideal for vehicles such as SUV's and minivans where the steering system has to meet tight front-end packaging requirements. These CSJ units can be a big advantage because they fit into restricted space layouts more easily, leaving more room for the passenger compartment interior, allowing vehicle designs for a variety of needs and applications.

Steering joints have traditionally used double universal joints or a similar device combining two separate U-joints. As the front ends of today's popular SUV's and minivans gradually become smaller, the package space available for steering systems in these short-nosed vehicles is also shrinking. These factors severely limit the use of conventional single and double U-joints. A single U-joint cannot provide constant velocity over wide operating angles, and double U-joints have an inherently long axis and large outer diameter. Because of these problems, automotive designers have turned to CV (constant velocity) steering joints that provide a compact package size and operate over large angles.
NTN's CSJ's not only offer large operating angles in a compact size but also have high rigidity, high fatigue strength and permit smooth rotation over a wide range of operating angles.


1) Ideal for steering systems with tough space restrictions!

- NTN's CSJ delivers constant velocity and high angle operation with a single joint. This makes it ideal for meeting tough restrictions for package size where single and double U-joints cannot be used. Single U-joints do not provide true constant velocity operation, and double U-joints have a long axis and large outer diameter.
- The CSJ is lightweight! Overall size is about 50% smaller (axial length cut by 40% and outer diameter by 10%) and weight is about 50% lighter than a double U-joint.

2) Maximum operating angle of 48°!

Maximum operating angle of 48° was realized by optimizing the ball groove raceway design

3) Smooth rotation --- backlash in the rotational direction cut to ZERO!

- NTN's unique, optimized, pre-loaded plunger mechanism provides zero backlash in the rotational direction, maintaining original equipment CSJ performance over a long period of time
- Designed to rotate smoothly over the entire operating angle range by using ADAMS mechanical analysis software to eliminate gaps and optimize part contours

4) Improved torsional rigidity and fatigue strength!

- CSJ's offer twice the torsional rigidity of single and double U-joints
- High strength is achieved by induction hardening the shaft which is typically the weak point in CSJ's.