Super-Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter

Unitop Corporation, an NTN-affiliated company, has recently developed the GSB-15S Super Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter to provide great performance in a smaller package size with lower cost. The GSB-15S has the same superior performance as the previous model (Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter GSB-50S) and needs no solidifying chemicals to compress even troublesome oil-based swarf into solid briquettes. In addition, the new super-compact GSB-15S model takes up 60% less space than the previous GSB-50S model and at only half the cost! With four different models on the market, we can meet individual customer requirements for installation space, processing capacity and price. The new machine is also easy to operate, has low running costs and saves electrical energy. Unitop Corporation plans to start sales in April, 2005.

NTN Corporation is always working to find ways to reduce the load on the environment through recycling. Our "Super Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter" compresses grinding swarf generated during bearing manufacturing processes into briquettes (small metal bricks) without using solidifying chemicals, while also removing grinding coolant fluid effectively. This device delivers impressive results in operation and is highly acclaimed by customers.

1. Features of the Super Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter:

1) Takes 60% less installation space (0.8 square meters vs. 2 square meters for the previous model)
2) Easily connects directly to production lines or individual machines
3) Ideal for small swarf quantities - processing capacity is 10 kilograms of swarf per hour
4) Low price (50% lower than the previous model), economical, and reduced electrical energy consumption

2. Our Super Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter Offers Big Advantages!

1) Cuts costs because it recycles grinding coolant
- 90% grinding coolant recovery rate!
2) Reduces industrial waste
- Compresses swarf waste volume by 80% (max.) and lowers weight by 45% (max.)
3) Cuts costs for transportation and disposal of industrial waste

3. Processing Capacity & Application by Model

ModelProcessing CapacityApplication
10 kgs per hour
(1.8 tons/month)*
Individually-controlled processing
(easily connects to grinding swarf filters)
20 kgs per hour
(3.6 tons/month)*
Centralized-controlled processing,
Batch processing

* Estimates for operation 8 hours/day, 22 days/month.

4. Dimensions & Weight (Super Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter)

1) Dimensions: 1 meter (W) × 0.8 meters (D) × 1.53 meters (H)
2) Weight: 1 ton
Super-Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter
Super-Compact Grinding Swarf Briquetter