Absolute Encoder Integrated Bearing (Hall IC Type ) For Rotational Position Sensing

NTN Corporation has developed an absolute encoder-equipped bearing for precisely determining the rotation angle of a shaft.

In this era of rapidly accelerating improvements in vehicle electronic controls, this encoder-equipped bearing will prove essential in the detection of engine crankshaft absolute angle for optimum control of combustion and emissions reduction. This encoder-equipped bearing can also be used to measure steering wheel angle for vehicle stability control.

Most current detectors have an absolute position detection optical encoder attached externally. This detector has only limited applications due to inherent problems with packaging the large, separate encoder mechanisms and the fact that these detectors can't be subjected to dust, vibration, heat and other harsh conditions.

NTN's "absolute encoder integrated bearing (hall IC type)" solves all the problems that have plagued conventional optical absolute position detection encoders. NTN's innovative new sensor is compact and can be used in dusty, hot and vibrating environments because the magnetic encoder is integrated inside the bearing. The magnetization of the encoder's target is a sine wave function, which results in the highest accuracy for the measurement of rotation angle. An origin point detection function can also be added for applications requiring precise detection of origin point. These characteristics combine to make NTN's absolute encoder bearing (hall IC type) useful for a wide range of potential applications.


  1. Absolute shaft rotation angle detection
  2. Compact package size - integral magnetic encoder installed inside the bearing.
  3. Sensor bearing ID & OD dimensions are identical to standard bearings.


  1. Automotive: crank angle sensor, steering wheel angle, X-by-wire systems, small electrical motors, etc.
  2. Industrial machinery: servomotors, robotic joints, forklift steering systems, etc.
Figure 1 Outer view
Figure 2 Cross section