Full Changeover of NTN's Precision Grade
Angular Contact Bearings

NTN Bearings Are #1 in the World for Speed,
Load Capacity & Strength!!

To expand its sales of precision grade angular contact ball bearings used in machine tool spindles and other precision equipment, NTN Corporation is making a full product changeover by upgrading the specifications for these bearing series. In July of this year, the 70U and 79U bearing lines will be introduced as part of NTN's ULTAGE Series of precision machine tool spindle bearings. The ULTAGE line of bearings have already racked up impressive results among machine tool manufacturers far and wide. The 70U and 79U series rank No. 1 in the world in terms of high-speed, high load capacity and high strength among standard bearing steel, precision grade angular contact ball bearings. The 70U and 79U series are NTN's next generation precision bearings and will be commercially available all over the world as a "New Global Standard" with expected sales of 3 billion yen annually.

These 70U and 79U bearings have optimized component designs (inner ring, outer ring, retainer & rollers) developed after meticulous research for applications using air-oil or grease lubrication. Air and oil flow have been optimized for air-oil lubrication applications, and grease retention and agitation features have been designed specifically for applications requiring grease lubrication. Special features include a new high strength resin retainer using an innovative pocket section structure, resulting in the highest speed ratings currently available, improved angular load capacity, and longer service life.

FEATURES (based on in-house testing)

(1) Increased top speed with minimal heat generation
20% increase in maximum rotating speed
· Air-oil lubrication: Maximum dmn 1,500,000
· Grease lubrication: Maximum dmn 950,000
(2) Higher load capacity --- 10% increase in service life
(3) Improved angular load --- 2 to 3-fold increase


Machine tool spindles, precision equipment, etc.


These features are available on NTN bearing series 7000 to 7026, and 7900 to 7926 (for bearing I.D.'s ranging from 10 mm to 130 mm)


Designed with 3 different contact angles: 15°, 25°, and 30°. Available with either steel or ceramic balls.

Angular Contact Bearings
Angular Contact Bearings

* Precision classes : JIS Class 5, Class 4, Class 2

* ULTAGE : is a coined term resulting from the combination of the words "Ultimate" and "Stage", expressing NTN's quest for the most advanced precision bearing.