NTN Develops World's First "Hydraulic Motorcycle Autotensioner"- Compact Yet Ideal For High-revving, High Torque Engines

The autotensioner maintains the correct amount of tension on the engine timing chain. This makes the chain last longer and also damps out unnatural engine noises which occur due to chain vibration. NTN Corporation has developed the world's first hydraulic autotensioner. This autotensioner is compact and ideal for motorcycles with large, high-revving, high torque engines.

Motorcycles typically use a conventional mechanical type autotensioner that employs a ratchet or friction type mechanism. However, these are not reliable enough in terms of durability or suppressing resonant vibrations. In particular, these mechanical autotensioners are a problem in large sports bikes with big, high-revving, high torque engines.

NTN has succeeded in developing a "motorcycle hydraulic autotensioner". This device employs a hydraulic damper mechanism, similar to those used in cars, and a relief valve mechanism that delivers optimal damping force with any variation of chain tension. Compared to the old mechanical type, this hydraulic autotensioner has great durability and is ideal even for large motorcycles with 20 percent higher engine rpm and torque.


  • Delivers optimal damping force to the engine chain system even at high engine rpm's and high torque levels by using a damper regulator mechanism that is controlled by spring load and relief valve opening pressure.
  • Superb durability compared to mechanical actuators because a hydraulic damper mechanism is employed.


Timing chain systems in motorcycles

Target Sales Figure

Sales target of four hundred million yen annually

Hydraulic Motorcycle Autotensioner
Hydraulic Motorcycle Autotensioner