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NTN Exhibits at the “2018 BOSAI Industry Fair in Tokyo”May 23, 2018Event

Date May 30 (Wed) to June 1 (Fri), 2018
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall
Booth No. B-41

2018 BOSAI Industry Fair in Tokyo

NTN will hold a booth at the “2018 BOSAI Industry Fair in Tokyo”.

Various products utilizing green energy from wind, water and solar power that is useful at the time of a natural disaster will be showcased, under the theme of “Safety and Peace of Mind through Green Energy Light”.

The booth will exhibit various products including the “NTN Hybrid Street Light”, which utilizes both a compact wind turbine and solar light power generator, and the “NTN Micro Hydro Turbine”, which is a compact hydroelectric generator with high power generation efficiency.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Main exhibits

NTN Hybrid Street Light

  • Delivering the performance of wind x solar light during emergencies
  • Independent power source eliminates the need for electrical installation work and power costs
  • Quiet design suited urban installation
  • Reliable generation capability with high-efficiency power generation
  • Safe design capable of withstanding strong winds
NTN Hybrid Street Light

NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

  • Simple place in irrigation channel - no falling water construction required
  • Easy installation to minimize cost and time
  • High-efficiency power generation to harness the energy of water
  • Installation can be arranged in series and in parallel for optimum power generation
  • Compatible with interconnection systems used for the sale of electricity
  • Equipped with an “easy-pull mechanism” that lifts the turbine blade from the water channel
NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

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