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ESG Management

NTN’s Future Vision

Toward Realization of a “NAMERAKA Society

In December 2019, we established a Management Policy of the NTN Group. This represents the NTN Group’s management philosophy and stance, and is based on the Founders’ Spirit consisting of the “Frontier Spirit” and “Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit” and on our corporate philosophy that incorporates these spirits. In addition, the NTN Group has clearly stated its stance towards all stakeholders involved in the NTN Group. By steadily implementing initiatives based on the above, we aim to realize a “NAMERAKA Society.

Management Policy

NTN Group aims to realize a “NAMERAKA Society” through practicing its corporate philosophy.
As a company that is trusted and needed by communities including stakeholders, we engage in business activities with an emphasis on respect of human rights and compliance.

* NAMERAKA Society : A society where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.

Our Vision

  1. A company where its corporate philosophy is understood by all employees around the world, and where all employees think and act by themselves
  2. A company that has a global presence with original new products and services appreciated for high quality and functions
  3. A company which everyone involved can be proud of the “NTN” brand

Roadmap for realizing a “NAMERAKA Society”

In December 2021, we formulated a roadmap for realizing a “NAMERAKA Society” as an overview of our management to ensure that our Group continues to grow as a company that contributes to society. The roadmap shows the Group’s approach to materiality, envisioning the period from the 2020s to the 2050s.

Roadmap for realizing a “NAMERAKA Society”

Roadmap for realizing a "NAMERAKA Society"

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Promotion of ESG management

The roadmap for realizing a “NAMERAKA Society” consists of “contribution to solving social issues toward the future we aim for” and “foundation to support ESG management,” which forms the base for its activities. The roadmap represents related materiality and specific measures based on the seven ESG issues of “realize carbon neutrality,” “contribute to carbon-free society,” “contribute to prosperous lives,” “environmental protection,” “sustainable supply chain,” “prosperous human development” and “governance.” We have defined the measures that must be taken by combining the perspective of forecast, which identifies the anticipated future as an extension of conventional business activities, with the perspective of backcast, which considers what needs to be done and at what point in time by working backward from the targeted future.
We will promote ESG management along the roadmap to achieve sustainable growth, creating environmental and social value. We aim to realize a “NAMERAKA Society.”

Contribution to solving social issues toward the future we aim for

Reduce CO2 emissions in business activities

In “realize carbon neutrality,” we have set “Achieve carbon neutrality by the fiscal year 2035 (by the fiscal year 2050 for the entire supply chain)” as the target, and are working to reduce CO2 emissions in our business activities. We are accelerating our efforts toward carbon neutrality by mainly implementing the following measures.

(1) Confirmation of power usage status and systematic reduction of CO2 emissions by visualizing power consumption in the product manufacturing process

(2) Introduction of solar and wind power generation facilities at business sites and the promotion of purchasing renewable energy power

(3) Utilization of internal carbon pricing

Contribution to society by providing products and services

In “contribute to carbon-free society,” we will contribute to the spread and stable operation of wind power generation equipment by providing bearings that support the increase in size of wind power generation equipment and providing condition monitoring services that utilize IoT. In addition, as a response to the electrification and EVs shift in the automobile industry, we are promoting higher efficiency, smaller size and lighter weight of core products, and developing multifunctional module products that utilize core technologies.
In “contribute to prosperous lives,” we will propose solutions such as robot-related modules to meet the growing demand for labor saving due to the declining working population. In addition, to prepare for frequent natural disasters, we will contribute to disaster mitigation and disaster prevention by providing independent power supplies and others.

Foundation to support ESG management


We are striving for “environmental protection” by promoting efforts in resource recycling and pollution prevention as part of our business activities.


We will strive to improve the reliability of our products and services, promote CSR procurement, and aim to realize a “sustainable supply chain.” In addition, we believe that it is important for business operations to protect the safety of employees who support the business and improve the quality of human resources. Based on this thought, we are working to achieve “prosperous human development” by promoting safety and health, and fostering a culture of learning and development in the workplace.


As a company that is trusted and needed by society, we engage in business activities with an emphasis on compliance. We also strive to increase corporate value over the medium to long term through management that emphasizes transparency and fairness.