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Environmental Protection

Biodiversity Preservation

In cooperation with local residents and non-profit organizations (NPOs), The NTN Group is working to conserve forest ecosystems through sustainable forest management, such as appropriate thinning and afforestation, and to preserve biodiversity by protecting endangered species in the vicinity of each business site and by maintaining natural parks. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working to ensure that our activities do not become a mere formality by adjusting the number of participants and taking thorough measures to prevent infection.

Protection and Habitat Conservation of Endangered Species and Wildlife

Conservation Activities for the Endangered Reverdin’s Blue (butterfly)

Nagano Works (Japan) signed a biodiversity partnership agreement with Nagano Prefecture in 2019 and has established a sanctuary for the endangered Reverdin’s Blue (butterfly) within the works to continue conservation activities. Since the establishment of the sanctuary, we have faced various problems, such as a lack of indigo plants, on which the larvae feed, due to a large number of inchworms and aphids, and predation of the larvae by natural enemies such as paper wasps and praying mantis. However, the population has steadily increased as a result of replanting of indigo plant and implementation of measures such as extermination of natural enemies on a case-by-case basis. In August 2022, we accepted work experience students from a local high school and organized a special class to help students understand the importance of biodiversity and participate in the conservation of the Reverdin’s Blue (butterfly). As for future activities, since the population has been steadily increasing due to protection activities, we will continue to accept outside visitors and increase the number of sanctuaries within the business site to further increase the population through more active protection activities.

Reverdin’s Blue Butterfly sanctuary,Number of adult occurrences(Nagano Works)

Male 3-voltinism imago perched on a verbena flower.

Male 3-voltinism imago perched on a verbena flower.

Reduction of Environmental Impact in Business Activities

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

The NTN Group complies with legal and regulatory standards for air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, noise and vibration, land subsidence, and offensive odors, and is working to further strengthen its compliance with environmental regulations by establishing internal standards.

Improvement of exhaust ports of heat treatment equipment

At Shanghai NTN Corp. (China), exhaust gas from heat treatment equipment had previously been directly exhausted with 52 exhaust fans. After separating the oil fume, the facility was renewed, and gas was exhausted from three exhaust ports. In China, the “Heavy Pollution Weather Key Industry Emergency Emission Reduction Establishment Technical Guidelines” were revised in 2020, requiring stricter exhaust gas treatment. The renewal in the facility has improved the treatment efficiency of oil mist by approximately 90%, that of ammonia by 50%, and that of non-methane hydrocarbons by 65%.

Three improved exhaust vents (SNC) *Numbers in the image are equipment numbers

Three improved exhaust vents (SNC)

Environmental Contribution to the Community

As part of its environmental contribution to the local community, The NTN Group promotes environmental protection activities in mutual cooperation with the local community through various activities such as cleanups, weeding, and tree planting along roads, rivers, beaches, and parks around its business sites. Through our activities, we will continue to make further efforts to strengthen cooperation and build good relationships with surrounding residents and other interested parties.

Tree-planting scene at Chubudai Sports Park (Mikumo Works)

Tree-planting scene at Chubudai Sports Park (Mikumo Works)