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Protecting biodiversity

In collaboration with local residents and NPOs, we are engaged in activities to protect biodiversity, such as tree planting through corporate forestation activities, protecting endangered species in the surrounding areas of business sites, and developing natural parks. In fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, 1,428 employees and their family members participated in these activities.

Initiatives for protecting of biodiversity(Period: fiscal year ended March 2020)

Activities Regional businesses(number of participating sites) Number of participants
Forest management through forest activities by companies that plant endemic trees Japan (12), Thailand (1), India (1), China (1) 492
Protection of endangered species Japan (2) 18
Protection of wild birds Mexico (1), Germany (1) 11
Cleaning the waterfront Japan (8), Thailand (1), U.S.A. (1) 471
Maintenance of natural parks, etc. Japan (3), Mexico (1) 436
Total 1,428

Protecting endangered species Miyamashijimi(butterflies)

NAGANO WORKS and Nagano Prefecture have signed the agreement on biodiversity partnerships to protect Miyamashijimi butterflies, an endangered species. The butterflies are classified in the family Lycaenidae of the order Lepidoptera and their adults are small, about 2-3 centimeters in length and are designated as Class IB endangered species in the Red List of the Ministry of the Environment. The reason for the decrease in the number of butterflies was a decrease in the number of Komatsunagi (false indigo) which are both feeding and spawning sites of the butterflies. Nagano Works succeeded in testing Miyamashijimi egg production by planting Komatsunagi inside the plant. In the future, we will continue to promote the growth of Komatsunagi, the reproduction of Miyamashijimi and the conservation of the environment.

Protecting endangered species


Komatsunagi (false indigo)

Komatsunagi (false indigo)

NTN Mie Corp.(Japan)
Native Conservation Activities Mamenashi of Endangered Species

NTN Mie Corp. has concluded a Mie Biodiversity Partnership Agreement with the Tado Nature Development Association (NPO) of Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, regarding the conservation activities of the nationally protected species Mamenashi (local name: Inunashi). Inunashi is a plant of the Rosaceae family designated as Endangered IB (EN) on the national Red List, and Mt. Tado in Kuwana City where Mie Corp. is situated as one of its biggest habitats in Japan, and those habitats are rare. In order to conserve it, Mie Corp. provided materials necessary for the activities and in spring and autumn, a total of 14 employees and their family members participated in cutting surrounding grass so that seedlings of Inunashi (young trees sprouted from seeds) could receive sunlight.

Activities to build piles that mark the seedlings of Inunashi

Activities to build piles that mark the seedlings of Inunashi