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CSR activities in FY2017

Protecting Biodiversity

The NTN Group, working in collaboration with local residents and NGOs, engages in nature conservation and strives to preserve biodiversity around its business sites.

Osaka Prefecture recognizes NTN for “Kigyo no Mori” activities

NTN Kongo Corporation and the NTN head office received a certificate of appreciation from Osaka’s Deputy Governor in a presentation ceremony held at the Osaka Prefectural Government Building in December 2017. The certificate was presented in recognition of the 5th year of the NTN Okukawachi Lakeside Forest conservation activities. These activities have been held through Osaka Prefecture’s Adopta-Forest program that brings together companies and forest owners. The ceremony gave us the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to forest conservation while presenting our past achievements and policies for the future along with the other companies recognized.
Forest conservation activities will continue to be an area of focus as we work on protecting the global environment and raising employee environmental awareness.

Certificate of appreciation for taking part in Adopt-a-Forest activities; presentation ceremony

Certificate of appreciation for taking part in Adopt-a-Forest activities; presentation ceremony

NTN “Kigyo no Mori” Forest Conservation Activities Held at Seven Locations throughout Japan

NTN “Kigyo no Mori” has been an ongoing project since 2002. Areas of local mountain forest are borrowed for a limited time so that NTN employees and their families can take part in forest conservation activities along with members of the local community.

NTN “Kigyo no Mori” activities

Activity name Description Location Start date Area
Mori no Sato-Oya (Adopt-a-Forest) Program Providing assistance to the city of Komagane and collaborating on forest maintenance activities such as planting trees and clearing forest underbrush Komagane city, Nagano prefecture. April 2006 21.9
Nagomi no Mori (Forest of Relaxation) Planting trees, clearing forest underbrush and other forest maintenance activities done as part of the “Kigyo no Mori” project held by the district of Nishimuro District of Nishimuro, Wakayama prefecture February 2007 1.0
Nagomi no Mori (Forest of Relaxation)2 January 2017 0.45
Shizuoka Mirai no Mori Supporter (Supporters of Shizuoka’s Future Forest) Clearing forest underbrush, maintaining a wild bird preserve and improving mountain trails as part of the Supporters of Shizuoka’s Future Forest program sponsored by Shizuoka prefecture Iwata city, Shizuoka prefecture April 2008 15.0
Kigyo tono Kyodo no Morizukuri (Public/Corporate Forest-Planting) Borrowing a plot of public land in the city of Mimasaka to plant trees, maintain the forest, grow mushrooms and hold nature observation walks Mimasaka city, Okayama prefecture April 2008 1.0
NTN Komorebi no Mori (NTN Sunlit Forest) Thinning out the forest and planting cherry and maple trees on a borrowed private plot of about 4.5 hectares located on iconic Mount Tado in the city of Kuwana Kuwana city, Mie prefecture November 2010 4.5
NTN Okukawachi Kohan no Mori (NTN Okukawachi Lakeside Forest) Thinning cypress trees, making benches from the felled lumber and doing other forest maintenance work on a roughly half-hectare of forest at the Takihata Dam lakeshore as part of Osaka Prefecture’s Adopt-a-Forest program Kawachinagano city, Osaka prefecture November 2012 0.5

NTN Shika Corporation compiles Red List of threatened species designated by Ishikawa Prefecture, provides environmental education

NTN Shika Corporation has compiled a list of species at risk of extinction for the 20 threatened species designated by Ishikawa Prefecture. The list includes information on species habitats, numbers of remaining individuals and characteristics. It was presented to employees as part of the company’s environmental education efforts. This list will be used to assist Shika Corporation’s future environmental volunteer activities.