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NTN's Automotive Business backed by the shift to EVs (Electric Vehicles) and electronic control

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POINT 1 NTN has the world's leading market share of "Hub bearings" and "Driveshafts" that are essential in all EVs, PHV/HVs and gasoline-powered vehicles!

Hub bearings and driveshafts, which are NTN's major product lines, are essential components in conventional gasoline-powered vehicles that operate using only engines, as well as PHV/HVs that use a combination of engines and motors, and even EVs that operate solely with motors. NTN has one of the world's largest shares of these products, accounting for some 80% of sales in the Automotive Business.

Figure: Driveshaft/Hub bearing

Breakdown of sales of NTN's Automotive Business products

Graph: Breakdown of sales of NTN's Automotive Business products

Hub bearingsWorld's No. 1 share

It is important that the four wheels of a car turn efficiently for smooth driving. Hub bearings help the wheels turn, and play an important role as they support the weight of the car at the same time. NTN's hub bearings are unitized and have less parts, which means they are more lightweight and compact. This helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as improve safety.

Photo: Hub bearings

DriveshaftsWorld's No. 2 share

Driveshafts are parts that transmit drive power from the engine to the tires, and NTN was the first to commercialize them in Japan. Since then, NTN has continued to lead the industry with its high level of technical expertise, developing and supplying high-performance, lightweight and compact driveshafts with a long operating life for automobiles, as well as to various other industries such as steel manufacturing machinery, food machinery and medical devices.

Photo: Driveshafts

The automotive market is expanding in line with
global population growth
Demand for bearings will increase even more!

The increase in population will mainly be in Asia and Africa, and the number of vehicles produced is also forecast to rise. Vehicles that use engines and transmissions, including PHV/HVs, as well as EVs will increase in numbers, and the demand for bearings is expected to grow even more in the future.

Graph: The automotive market is expanding in line with global population growth

POINT 2 Extensive line-up of technology and products that meet new market requirements

In its medium-term management plan "NTN 100," NTN announced that it will focus on expanding into new markets related to vehicle electrification, automated driving, ride sharing and other needs. NTN will continue to identify changes in the automotive market and harness its unique technology and AI/IoT that it has developed to target even higher growth.

Market requirements and required technology

EV, electrification

Photo: EV, electrification

NTN has developed a broad range of products like the Electric Motor and Actuator that are lightweight and operate silently!

  • New products to shift from hydraulic to electronic control
  • High-rigidity capable of operating under the high torque of motors
  • Lightweight, silent operation and low vibration for excellent ride comfort
  • Low-friction operation for a longer driving range

Automated driving, car sharing, etc.

Photo: Automated driving, car sharing, etc.

Meeting new needs that provide greater safety, comfort and convenience

  • Safe, peace-of-mind driving
  • Quick response and feedback on road or drive conditions
  • Technology for greater durability and longer operating life with the increased driving and operating time
  • Technology for early diagnosis and monitoring operations

Graph: NTN's core technology